Yoga for Toned Physique | Ali Kamenova Yoga

It is a Yoga for Firming class. Basic Physique Firming.
We are going to goal a number of muscle tissue within the higher, decrease physique and core.
Get pleasure from this Yoga Sunday Movement.

Free on-line yoga class. House exercise.
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Let’s Movement with Ease and Energy

Get pleasure from this video. I might love to listen to from you.
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42 thoughts on “Yoga for Toned Physique | Ali Kamenova Yoga”

  1. I absolutely love this class. It gave me so much energy… I am very grateful that I've found your chanel… I do lots of your videos and all of them are just amazing. Thank you for your work and soul that you bring to your videos.

  2. my favorite style is cardio 10 minutes or hip openers then vinyasa flow but I alternate it with this style. You have to vary the practice and I think you do that Ali

  3. Performed this today and loved it. Substituted double pigeon for the more traditional singular pigeon on the floor rather than seated because I needed to stretch. Did everything except the very end table hips world because at that point I was like I need a shavasana LOL. I'm also noticing since I've been running and doing yoga and reduce all other cardio and weights and I'm having a lot of supination on my right leg where my outer part of my ankle is hurting so I'm having to watch my poses very very closely. And I have returned to some more traditional weight training 2x weekly to strengthen my legs more.

  4. I paired this one with flat belly hiit, nice toning sequence today! Loved this concept as it's not strenuous but it requires engagement and strength… Nice hip opener to hip strengtheners combo! See you tomorrow Ali <3

  5. Wonderful class! It relaxed me and kicked my butt at the same time 😊. I would love to see an advanced toning class with lots of fun arm balances!

  6. Your videos just keep getting better Ali! I loved the standing foot over knee opener to side pump then lunge sequence! It would be great to see a video focused on hero's pose. That's a particularly tight position for me, as opposed to pigeon.

  7. Beautiful amazing class 🙂 Loved it, loved the way I felt during and after this class. I love the mix of toning moves and yoga poses. So happy, Thanks Ali <3

  8. Ah Ali…you are the best teacher of all! This flow is so fun and engaging. It was over before I realized it. I am happy to say it went really well. I look forward to seeing you on the mat again very soon. Love to you on the Valentine's Day!! xpx, Lolly

  9. Did this one on Sunday but really late in the evening being tired. So, I couldn’t really enjoy it. That’s why I’ve come back to it today. And what can I say?! It’s an amazing class! I love it and it will remain one of my favorites.
    Namaste 🙏🏼 ❤️

  10. When I compare some of the classes you've done from 5 years ago, I'm trying to grasp what exactly has changed in your yoga teachings. There are so many classes you've done and each one is different and unique!

  11. Thank you Ali for this class. I'm so happy you have new classes for us, I have been doing yoga with you for several years now. At the end of this class you asked what kind of classes we would like and what we would like you to add , I think I miss some Ashtaga.

  12. Hey Ali……awesome yoga flow….thanks for bringing back the interval yoga. I feel like I did a workout yet got stretched and relaxed. Thanks. Please do more of these types!😊😊

  13. I LOVE the interval yoga!! Thanks so much and you always say something that resonates with me. I have been realizing that you don't need to analyze your life to let go of things and you actually mentioned that today at the end of your class. The physical release can move you forward to mental release as well! Namaste and thank you as always for the mental and physical challenges!!

  14. Ooh I am doing this a bit later. Did the Sunday class for toxic thoughts this morning. Body feels sooo much better after trusts and loosening. Now I have something to look forward to late afternoon/evening. 🙏❤️

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