Working Out With Curly Hair! Publish Gymnasium Hair Routine | BiancaReneeToday

Learn how to put on your curls to the fitness center + easy methods to refresh AFTER. a exercise! No want to clean your hair day-after-day, let me present you easy methods to REFRESH!

Water bottle: Curl Keeper “One of the best water bottle”
Gel: DevaCurl Arc Angle Gel
Bathe cap: 99 cent retailer

Particular thanks to my coach Mike Sable aka ZIPPER!

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47 thoughts on “Working Out With Curly Hair! Publish Gymnasium Hair Routine | BiancaReneeToday”

  1. THANK YOU! This is exactly what I've been looking for! 😁
    I'm happy I found your channel a few weeks ago. You're one of the few YouTubers who really answer the questions I want answered, in detail and with good instructions.
    Thanks again!

  2. Thank you!!! I workout daily… But just give up on my curl pattern altogether and do the high bun after day 3… til wash day…
    My curls are transitioning back to their natural 3a and I am still recovering from alot of damage. So the Flattening of my roots has always scared me from trying a pineapple ponytail to workout.. I just leave it down and its a mess!!!
    I will try it tonight when i workout!!!
    Hoping to continue trusting the process i miss my curls… 😂😂😂 This moody hair half 2c half 3a is very frustrating…
    Thank you for sharing again!!!

  3. my hair is super fine so it just looks all floppy in a pineapple lol. also my hair is like a billion different lengths bc of my layers and there are a few pieces that don't fit in a ponytail. any advice?

  4. Hi Bianca! My hair starts to mat at the root on the crown and back of my head once I reach day 3 hair… living that high porosity life with 3B curls. Do you (or any of the lovely curlies in the comments) know how to combat this?

  5. Great video, this has help me with refreshing my hair in the morning since I workout at nite. I used to use arc angle but I recently got my first deva cut and my stylist introduced me to to just using one product and now I just use deva curl light defining gel.

  6. The locks aren't what I have a problem with, it's the scalp area! It's sooo frizzy and all my hairs are sticking up. Cause that's where the sweat is, coming from my scalp so it's soaked. Especially at the nape too. Tips? Also tips for frizziness etc on the scalp period? The rest of my curls will be so defined but scalp is a mess. I heard people advise about mister right and moreso volumizing spray. Which sounds good cause I also struggle with volume at the top. I fluff and I use the pick bit the volume only stays for a few mins. 🙁 I would love to hear back from you. It's crazy how many curl types there are! But your curls seem to like almost everything you do and are easy to take care of. 😣 my hair is difficult even tho it's so healthy. My hair isn't as easy to do as yours. Mine doesn't take to the same things. (And yes I do everything u said in the video haha)

  7. I’m so happy you made this video ❤️ I really thought that curly hair YouTubers with beautiful hair like yours didn’t get straight pieces of hair after wearing it up or get messy hair in general. So I got discouraged and thought that there was no hope for my hair and I end up just keeping it up for days and letting it get dry. But now I realize that I just need to put the work in! It gets really dry easily now and I have a bad habit of pulling on it and undoing the strand, but starting tm I’m going to try harder to stop my bad habits! Tysm for inspiring me ☺️

  8. you just changed my WHOLE LIFE!!! This whole time i've been thinking gym day has to mean wash day but no…. not to be dramatic lol but I feel more empowered to get serious about my fitness now?? thank you thank you!

  9. Thank you for all of the demonstrations you record, I recently purchased the dippity do gel from my local TJMax after watching your videos but I am concerned with some of the ingredients in it that are now being shown to possibly cause hormonal and cancer causing properties with continued exposure. Have you researched this? I know you talk about silicones and sulfates but their are 3 ingredients I see listed that are now shown to be possibly toxic.

  10. Would you ever review the Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner? I recently bought some before I found out that they contained silicones! Ahh! They still have amazing reviews though so I don't know if I should cancel my order or not

  11. @BiancaReneeToday Is it me or the gel gave you white flakes on your bangs after it dried? I have that issue when I mix B'Leavin and Ultra defining gel so I am not sure if it's the way I am using the products or its just Deva products in general. Thanks for the info

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