Who’s Inexperienced Tara + How Can I visualize her Meditation? Buddhism Defined

On this prolonged video Professor Robert A.F. Thurman lead a Inexperienced Tara meditation sadhana observe composed by the First Dalai Lama of Tibet.

Video features a “Quick Inexperienced Tara Sadhana” and visualization directions for practising the 21 Taras Deity Yoga as handed down from the Tibetan Buddhist custom.

Taken from the Second Afternoon Dialogue with Isa Gucciardi & Robert AF Thurman at their Tibet Home US Retreat “Embracing the Sacred Female” recorded March 2017 at Menla in Phoenicia, New York.

Full video Contains an summary of the the idea of the Sacred Female within the Tibetan Buddhist & Indigenous Shaman traditions & concludes with a guided meditation. This recording is part of the Tibet Home US Member archive.

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