three Methods to Lose Stomach Fats With out Train | Alexander Heyne

Alright – who actually desires to do 500 planks per day to get abs? Yeah. No person. So how will you really lose stomach fats with out doing any train?

On this video I share of the few issues I’ve used (and use with purchasers) to get as clooooose as attainable with none health club time. Realistically, although, it’s going to take health club time to get as toned as you need.

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HABIT #1: zero:51 – Assess the place you at the moment are

HABIT #2: 2:18 – Sure, sadly, energy matter

HABIT #three: three:31 – Add 30g protein to every meal.


20 thoughts on “three Methods to Lose Stomach Fats With out Train | Alexander Heyne”

  1. Yup apple viniger does the trick also. You should also Rinse your mouth with water and baking soda, which helps to counteract the acidity in the mouth and protect your teeth.

  2. I’m skinny fat and underweight but have a gut. Late 30s. Right now my priority is more muscle for a year or two THEN take steps to cut down belly fat. Which means right now I’m bulking and just wolfing down tons of calories and doing heavy compounds and no cardio. Weirdly I can feel my abs getting stronger UNDER my belly fat

  3. Really appreciate your non sensationalized, real & informative videos. Just subscribed.

    I know I need to cut sugar out and go back to eating low carb. I felt the best eating that way. Definitely a lot less effort to maintain a healthy weight.

  4. Thumbs up for the booty lol.

    I run around 100 miles per week as I'm a runner and currently training for a marathon. I'm already doing planks to strengthen my core, and additional strength exercises (to target legs/glutes etc. for running). Is there anything I can add to my core routine with my planks or an ideal specific planks to help get rid of the very little belly fat I have.

    The belly fat is like… very very little. My stomach is flat as well. I just want to get rid of that little bit of fat left there which you'd have to feel to notice. You talked about this in one of your other videos (as well as this one) regarding carb intake affecting this in a lot of people. I need the few carbs I have and I'm following a diet with a little meat, and a lot of fruit/vegetables and some carbs.

    For planking, I generally just do a standard open leg plank and hold it for three intervals. First is the longest (at around 1:20 minutes, second is 50 seconds, third is 40 seconds). I do side planks on each side with the same time intervals. I will steadily increase them but I do these once a day usually after a run. I'd do it earlier in the day but that would affect my core engagement as I'm trying to maintain running form.

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