three Journaling Workouts That Modified My Life

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33 thoughts on “three Journaling Workouts That Modified My Life”

  1. It's so good those exercises of visualization, but I think it's also important to know that we don't have control of some things in life, and in some cases, because of reasons we don't have control, our dreams can't be achieved exactly as we thought it would, and don't get frustrated because of that. Part of the "magic" of life is also the uncertainty, the changes and the awareness that our plans are affected all the time for the movement around us.

    I love your videos by the way <3 ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Alex inspired me to start journaling. I began this past May and just completed my first one. Bullet journaling has been the best approach for me, and it is a habit Iโ€™ll hang onto for the rest of my life.

    So many goals and plans and ideas went into it and they all prepared me and helped me to reach them. Do yourself a favor and begin journaling.

  3. I clicked on your site…and keep getting all these pop ups for other programs to click and buy….
    It's confusing and I lost interest. but thanks anyway. cheers

  4. I am thankful, that you mention some of the old journalists of the day…Einstein, Davinci, Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin….
    some other mentionables are
    Explorers of Early America, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
    Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius,
    American author Mark Twain, aka Sam Clemens,
    The most productive inventor in American history, Thomas Edison,
    All world leaders all have journals or diaries of some kind.
    An Entrepreneur without a journal is a person without a path to walk.

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