The vegetarian Keto Food regimen Problem!!misplaced 20 kgs in 2 months solely by consuming clear.

I went to purchase a pair of denims for me, I could not slot in any of them. That factor struck me and I made a decision to vary my physique. Now I’m taking this new Problem. I’m vegetarian and I can be following a strict keto food plan. I do know its gonna be robust however I can be doing this for certain.


33 thoughts on “The vegetarian Keto Food regimen Problem!!misplaced 20 kgs in 2 months solely by consuming clear.”

  1. sir I want to try but i'm scared about suger boz can you tell me when I'm not eating carb and suger then it's harm or not .boz I did just two days and my sugar level went on 76 plz tell when t
    it's too much down first week can I face some problem

  2. It's all about state of mind friends, as you can see my current condition , I've put on weight again. All due to stress and psychological instabilities. I didn't follow proper diet, ate lods of carbs and junk foods, results you can see only new videos. Although I've retained the muscle mass, the stamina has lost. Trying to come back to form again. Please help me be motivated. I've lost my loved ones in past years, had a very bad relationship failure, shifted from Delhi to hometown. Just felt like it's better to die. But my dreams kept me pushing. I have a big dream to do something better for society and I'm working on it. Now I've started my business in Bhopal and will be working on my Aim. I've also realised that a healthy lifestyle and healthy body is very important for efficient overall performance. Now it's time to be the change again.

  3. hlo sir i want to loss my weight but i have thyroid can u plz make any diet plan for vegetarian those have thyroid because in today’s world people are suffering…Thankyou

  4. i am vegetarian. having same problem.. trying and giving up high protein or keto diets.. very frustrated.. can you please share your number to seek advice.

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