As we speak’s we once more speak concerning the dietary supplements we use and why. Trace: they’re the identical three dietary supplements we’ve been utilizing and can proceed to make use of! On the finish of the day dietary supplements are precisely what they sound like, a “complement” to an already nicely functioning machine , aka, an already present nutritious diet and train routine.

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20 thoughts on “THE ONLY three SUPPLEMENTS WE TAKE”

  1. Hey Dudes! I've just started intermittent fasting & your 4week jump rope challenge (It's're awesome 😉 thank you)
    I'm a yogi first, I do my ashtanga practice almost every morning and do your workout after my yoga practice. So…I'm a beginner in fasting and don't know when should I drink my protein shake. Is it necessary to drink it after my workout? It'd break my fast.
    Sorry for the stupid question!

  2. This video cracked me up. Dan, maybe you should get less sleep more often…this stuff is hilarious!

    I rarely write comments or review anything, but I need to thank you guys for building a workout program I not only enjoy, but look forward to. I'm on W1D4 and it's already my favorite part of the day.

    As a former college athlete myself, it's been difficult to find a program that provides enough incentive to stay consistent. In college it was football, and now…it's just simple, pure enjoyment.

    This Zen Dude Mindset is already finding it's way into other parts of my day. I'm seeking out things to do just because I want to, rather than for any type of financial gain or furthering of my plans. I started your program with the initial goal of getting fit and feeling good, but now that's become secondary to just having fun. It's the first program to do that for me, and I've done a lot. Job well done fellas. I look forward to watching ZDF grow!


  3. I am following your workout almost everyday (most of time I work out around 11am before with no breakfast and before lunch), when should I be drinking the Whey protein during the day???

  4. i cannot follow the workouts because you have to be able to view the screen, i can only listen to the audio while i jump rope so can you make it clearer when the transitions are with some beeps or something?

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