The Journaling Train That Can Change Your Life

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28 thoughts on “The Journaling Train That Can Change Your Life”

  1. I'm working on starting a project that has a national and regional impact. Its been 5 years, sigh! By God's grace alone its still holding And staying focused, motivated and not quitting has been a real challenge.

  2. Writing a book on something I'm good at, and I could help others with… I just can't organize my thoughts together… Btw, I'm a perfectionist, and it's being me back…

  3. working on to be together with my partner. We live in separate countries. It's been over a year but still we are just trying. I do not know when we will be together and that's just frustrating at times….:(

  4. Ok I tried this BUT writing every night it is the Same thing, same thing, same thing. The same problems, and after a few nights, the ideas become repetitive because there are only so many ideas to help in certain situations. The Journal will be endless pages of the same things! Unless a Earth Shaking idea pops into our head. Then we get to add one New one! So explain that???

  5. I have been working on building my YouTube channel for a year and have no idea why it is growing at a turtles pace. Actually I think turtles make more headway than I have. So if there is anyone who would like to show support or give me feedback on how my channel can improve I would greatly appreciate it.

  6. I want to figure out my career path. I decided to start journaling and manifesting daily, and your tips are helpful. You are relatable and not pretentious like a lot of self-help gurus out there and I appreciate it!

  7. I have been searching for a simple and effective form of evaluating myself and setting goals. This is the most clearly stated approach i have came across and it is very much appreciated.

  8. Thank you. I have been working on getting debt free and growing my YouTube channel for a while now with no or little signs of progress. This will help immensely.
    I have also been mourning for a couple of months but I’m finding it hard to build in to a daily habit. This is a great prompt that will get me to put pen to paper every day. Thanks again.

  9. the 3 final habits are about the goal? I don't understand it. I'm trying to have other habit yet in my life…so now other 3 news habits to add? ^^ """
    I prefer to focus on one thing at once

  10. This advice is over a thousand years old– comes from the stoics… good advice. Daily reflection. It also makes you more aware– puts you in a meta state instead of a reactive one….

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