Soar Rope Exercise Plan

Soar Rope Exercise Plan


Get lifetime entry to our first ever leap rope exercise plan. This program is ideal for all leap rope talent ranges and can show you how to progressively construct your skillset whereas concurrently serving to you sculpt out the Zen Dude Physique.

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28 thoughts on “Soar Rope Exercise Plan”

  1. Hi is this only focused on jump rope i do bodyweight training 3x a week i want to do this as my cardio days 2x a week just want to have jumping rope skill :)) thanks!

  2. Hi Zendudes!! I bought the book and it looks of fantastic!! I just wanna ask how much rest between each exercise and after each set of 8 or 10 exercises?

  3. you zen dudes are awesome, but I wanted to ask could you do a video on how you do double unders, maybe in slow motion aswell, I cant do it, I can do everything but that. maybe show some of the techniques to how you do it. thanks zen dudes

  4. Dang, I hate the broke college life. I'm going to have to take a rain check on the new program. I wish I wasn't missing out. But I want to thank you guys for inspiring me on taking jump rope as an easy and effective way of working out during these busy college days. Keep making great vids.

  5. Love that you guys haven't changed your Zen Dude nature even though you've exploded in populatiry, you've both been the same awesome dudes since you had below 1k subs and its awesome to keep seeing you guys stay true to what you set out to be! Thanks for still posting awesome content boys!

  6. I started getting this sharp pain on the bottom of my foot when ever i stretch it walking (where the ark is), and i was wondering if you know how to get rid of it? It usually goes away in a day or so but this time it has been 3 days now and its still a problem.

  7. hello i have a jump rope for a while now and i starreted to see vedio about it benefit than i found your channel it helped me so much i'am learning new moves because of you , i want to loose 13 kg i'am 73 kg now iwant how much time i chould play jump robe every day + i do other workout please answer me, by the way i'am arabic from north africa keep up i love you'r vedios

  8. Jump Rope Workout Plan – Get 50% Off (Offer Expires 4/21/17


    More details below…
    Get lifetime access to our first ever jump rope workout plan. This program is perfect for all jump rope skill levels and will help you progressively build your skillset while simultaneously helping you sculpt out the Zen Dude Physique.

  9. i just got my crossrope in today. i just started jumping about 5 or 10 minutes ago. is it entirely normal to inly be able to get 5 or 6 jumps without messing up or am i doing something wrong? hahah.

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