PROBLEMS WITH VEGANISM | Ashley Elisa vs Vegans

Ashley Elisa’s channel is operating scorching within the YouTube algo’s which is how I noticed her channel pop up on my feed. I watched a few of her movies and noticed the “Issues with Veganism” video so it was a logical response video I needed to make, particularly after I agree with lots of her non-vegan views.

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Time Stamps

zero:48 Ashley Elisa Intro
1:35 B12 Deficiencies (Half 1)
2:51 My Ideas on Ashley Elisa
four:12 Listing of Factors to Handle
5:13 Almond Milk Unhealthy for the Setting
6:09 Bees, Vegans Kill them and Unhealthy for Setting
6:57 Depressed Vegans on YouTube
7:11 (Shoutout to “LilCheetah”)
eight:45 Animal Agriculture Business: The Choices
9:52 Everybody Received’t Go Vegan + Searching (my opinion)
13:02 “Meat is Masculine” however Girls ought to Eat Meat too
14:07 “Meat is Masculine” and Imply ought to All the time Eat Meat
15:57 Most Liberals are Vegan
17:00 B12 Deficiencies (Half 2)
17:42 Iron Deficiencies
18:16 Psychological Well being Issues Greater in Vegans
18:46 Veganism is NOT the Solely Reply to Our Issues
19:32 Name Out to Ashley Elisa for a 1-on-1 YouTube Dialogue

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13 thoughts on “PROBLEMS WITH VEGANISM | Ashley Elisa vs Vegans”

  1. Honestly I like your response. It was really respectful/nice. I do watch a lot of vegan content actually because I find it really interesting and the viewpoints. I worked in a vegan shop for 2.5 years and talked to a ton of vegans about their health.

    I do agree with you that we could eat less meat and fish. But I just don't think veganism is sustainable health wise. Also the b12 in greens is an analog to b12 but isn't as well absorbed in our body. Good vid though, subbed.

  2. I go veg twice or thrice a week for religious reasons. I still eat meat as I need the nutrition. I wouldn't recommend going full veg. Lack of B12? … smart girl. Take eggs, milk or cheese at the very least. You also need to consider.. what type of soldiers will your nation produce? How will you fight ISIS?

  3. Give this guy another 6 years, and his cholesterol will drop to dangerous levels resulting in heart attacks and B12 deficiency which destroys lebito and testosterone. His gut will be destroyed from the enormous massive amounts of carbs, plants & grains in his diet which translate to sugar…

    Steve Jobs died in his 50's being a vegan and frutarian, eating meat has been around for 100,000 years yet veganism hasn't even hit 60 years and people are dying of it from mal nutrition… Veginism is a cult

  4. If you have the ability to destroy anything. But you choose not to, I think shows strength courage and masculinity

    I know who eats what, and where and HOW IT IS GROWN. In AMERICA The current model, is NOT SUSTAINABLE. If you read the POST? America is using 1004 MILLION ACRES TO RAISE ANIMAL PRODUCTS that make up 17% of the calories consumed. THAT IS INSANE, and the KETO IDIOTS say that they want us to EAT 100% OF OUR DIET FROM MEAT,

    Do I need to eat a minimum amount of carbs ?
    The short answer is no. In fact, you technically do not need to eat any carbs at all. When carbs are restricted, your body switches to using fat and ketones rather than sugar as its main energy source.

    – – – – –

    IN AMERICA THERE IS NO MORE LAND TO MAKE MEAT, and the land that is being used is being destroyed. TAKE A REAL LOOK AT THE NUMBERS ASSOCIATED WITH THE PRODUCTION OF MEAT – I posted the links so you could verify the fact for yourself. You say we should cut back, but didn't know why – I KNOW WHY.

    Dark Chocopuff seems to think that I am an idiot but I challenged him – that if he can figure out how all of America can go on a keto diet – I WILL EAT A 100% MEAT DIET – – – And if he can't or waffles, then he should think about cutting back and start looking at the DAMAGE that is being done by an industry that poisons the water – – – Destroys the land, and IS NOT SUSTAINABLE.

    If you have the ability to destroy anything. But you choose not to, I think shows strength, courage and masculinity


  5. Jason, I like you message and even keel –

    I am not VEGAN, and only use it to describe myself so others know I don't eat animal… This is due to HEALTH ISSUES

    – Why am I not a vegan?
    I eat Honey
    I wear Leather

    I posted below in response to Ashley Elisa my response that was DELETED when she erased the video.

    I agree – CUT BACK ON MEAT – for dozens of reasons, but the biggest, I put in the comment that was deleted

    AM I VEGAN Hell, no – most of them are not asking the right question, and I refuse to accept the status quo
    – The Status Quo will end up with ALL OF THE OCEAN LIFE DEAD, and the Mid-west of the USA a desert in less 50 years –
    some of the most productive farmland anywhere, home to at least a $20-billion-a-year industry that grows nearly one-fifth of the United States’ wheat, corn, and beef cattle. It’s also a place facing hard choices: Farmers can reduce consumption of water to further extend the life of the aquifer. Or they can continue on their path toward an end that is already in sight. Some don’t like to frame the dilemma quite so starkly. But if they don’t reduce pumping and the aquifer is drained, food markets will be profoundly affected around the world

    The story is virtually the same everywhere. These and other aquifers in several of the world’s most productive, heavily populated regions are being drawn down at precipitous rates. NASA satellites, monitoring changes in Earth’s gravitational pull, found that 21 of the world’s 37 largest aquifers have passed the sustainable tipping point. California’s prolonged drought has driven water levels in much of the Central Valley aquifer to historic lows. India now consumes more groundwater than any other country, and at a faster rate

    Around the world, alarms are being sounded about the depletion of underground water supplies. The United Nations predicts a global shortfall in water by 2030

    You were nicer than most people were to her – I tried to let her know that Meat Eating WAS NOT A SOLUTION, and that her INANE COMMENT

    *So what bothers me about veganism is that these vegans think they're saving the world by abstaining from eating meat*

    Vegans are less than 1% of the population – and they are trying to get others to recognize that the end is near. I don't care if all of the animals are killed – they will ALL BE DEAD in a few Decades because of the destruction of the Eco-System…

    Interesting come-back to her video – you have a good head on your shoulders – I just thought she was YOUNG AND Hopefully would learn – but deleting the video – That I spent Time commenting on, that was Childish.

  6. Great video! 🙂 And I agree, lots of vegan Youtubers and Instagrammers just annoy the shit out of me with their content that makes us vegans look like some weird freaks. For me hunting animals is and has always been far better than raising animals at farms.. if it's not the very cruel hunting where animals get chased to death. Especially now that I did get some insights into the hunting business. And yes, I used to think veganism is THE solution when I started being vegan, I changed my mind about that.

  7. Is the B12 being from animals but in the what's it called micronutrients in pill form is better than slaughter more animals for food but still splitting the animal products amongst more people.. am I clear.. heard a debate before on the B12..

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