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On this video I present you the outcomes I achieved from Chalene Johnson’s PiYo program.


Additionally, I notice that I will get a ton of hate on this video, identical to my previous transformation movies. Whereas I don’t really feel the necessity to DEFEND myself, I DO really feel the necessity to unfold the message of affection and acceptance. No the place on this video or in my thoughts do I say I am “fats.” After I began this program I had simply come off of a transfer and I used to be exhausted, consuming horribly, and never treating my physique very kindly. YES, I used to be heavier than I have been in over two years, however extra importantly, I did not FEEL good and that is what being match and wholesome is all about. Our bodies are available all sizes and shapes. So long as you might be treating your physique proper, working in direction of “wholesome” it would not matter what the surface look is. You’re stunning, regardless of how a lot you weigh, how tall you might be, or what colour your hair is. Till you might be loving and accepting of your self and others, weight reduction is not going to MATTER as a result of true happiness comes from inside.

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30 thoughts on “PiYo Outcomes: Earlier than and After | Health”

  1. I find it ironic how so many people who are still in noticeably decent shape complain about being fat. You're not even fat! Try being over 200 lbs with flabby arms, a pot belly and back rolls.

  2. I have exactly the opposite comment than most ppl here: it's nice to see toning, you can definitely see the changes in the before and after pictures. When people think before&after pictures they always expect huge changes, but for tired, overworked, out of shape (yet not fat) people, it is a real change as well, and should not be dismissed. Loved your video.

  3. It's true you are fit looking than most people in your before. BUT you want to be your best and also share your experience. People who have a different experience do not need to belittle you and try to make you feel as if it's not real transformation. Thanks for sharing. Even leaner people
    Want to achieve their best and just because you are smaller than most does mean you can't get fitter or improve your health, mind body and spirit.

  4. I am going to start doing PIYO from tomorrow. Came here for some inspiration and you definitely inspired me, girl 🙂 I love your transformation and wish to achieve the same results.

  5. Will this help you to lose more weight from your thighs? I assume that's where you typically gain weight, so harder to lose there..I am more of an apple shape, have pretty nice legs, just gain weight in my abdomen, so that's where I would like to lose. Does this target specific body areas for different body types?

  6. Wow, your before weight looked awesome! If I looked like that? You couldn't tell me anything! You had a gorgeous body then…and a gorgeous body now. I don't see too much of a difference between your before and after–second pic looks like your just holding your stomach in. But you look fantastic! Don't let people criticize you. Everyone has a comfortable weight.

  7. OMG you look amazing! Thank You for the hope and it is hard to get back on track when life has showed up and just came as an tunnel wave with no way out for over three years now for me….God bless you and please keep inspiring people for we ALL need this in today's times!!

  8. while I think you look great at either weight! what I think isn't the point. I do see a difference in that tour booty lifted and looks tighter, its all on how we feel in our skin and I want a tight booty too! I'm always inspired by other peoples hard work.

  9. sorry to offend you but you look the same size. kudos to you. But most people who are "fat" come here to look for real support from people who have actually suffered from being overweight

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