Newbie 15 Minute Rebounding Exercise With Laura London 15 Minute Newbie Exercise on the Bellicon Rebounder. Go to my Amazon retailer to your rebounder and discover out all of the health gadgets I really like and use.

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Hello there! I’m Laura London a Holistic Ladies’s Health, Weight Loss and Scorching and Wholesome Physique Coach. I right here to show you dwell a scorching and wholesome life-style from the within out. Match and Fabulous at any age!

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32 thoughts on “Newbie 15 Minute Rebounding Exercise With Laura London”

  1. Hi Laura! Thank you so much for doing this. My husband has been using a rebounder for years. Everytime I tried to use it though it seemed to make me feel like I was being bounced to pieces. I'm not sure how to describe the feeling. I did this work out this morning and had to do it slower, less times with each exercise. I am 58 years old and about 70 lbs overweight. I also have a degenerating lower disk that is doing ok right now. I don't have the straps yet. My plan is to keep doing this in hopes I'll get used to it because it seems really fun 🙂

  2. love this! i’ve had my little trampoline sitting around for a couple weeks and i wanted to put it to use and this workout was perfect for that very reason! I’m trying to lose 5-10 pounds by may and if i stick to your videos i think it’ll actually happen! also i love how interactive you are with your viewers. A lot of people hate the gym because of the fear of being judged but now we can just do it in the comfort of our home!! thank you, i’m totally subscribing!!!

  3. I loved this video as I get started learning how to use my rebounder.  Can you tell me where you got that workout top Laura?  My "girls" are bouncing too much with the sports bra I have.  Thanks.

  4. Thank you this is my first time and it is way easier to be listening to someone and following to go the distance and time I a focused on you and your next move as to the clock
    Thank you again

  5. This is the best beginner rebounding video I've been able to find. Thank you! I tried a couple other "beginner" videos and nearly hurt myself. As another person talked about, I too used to be very athletic in my 20's but over time I have become out of shape and overweight. I have high hopes for rebounding. Last time I tried to get in shape jogging, I ended up at the physical therapist. Walking is great but it just doesn't do it for me in terms of cardio, I walk a lot. On the rebounder I can do some serious cardio without hurting my knees or hips (so far so good). Your video will be my daily guided exercise until I get strong enough to move to the next level. Thanks again. (Note: I use a JumpSport 350 Pro. For those who can't afford the Bellicon, check out JumpSport which is, from all my research, the top American brand of bungie fitness trampolines, and about the cost of a few months of gym membership. Beware of the cheapo trampoline versions, many will do more harm than good!)

  6. Just user my rebounder for the first time…. once upon a time I was a collegiate athlete. Now I am a near 50 year old out of shape overweight mot quite obese lady. I My mind says I should be able to go out and run a couple of miles. So rebounding should be a cinch. This "only 15 min "video got my heart pumping way more than i thought it would (but dont feel like I am going to die) and my calves were burning at the beginning that I had to modify so I could keep going. Reality is I have basically recovered from a herniated disc and I dont want to reinjure it. I have to lose some of my weight but also just get my cardio and core back in shape. This 15 minute video I may have to do twice a day for a while. I definitely will be looking for more rebounding videos in general but especially by Laura. If I can keep this up for a month I will consider a better more expensive rebounder. (Right now I just have golds gym one that is made by stamina).

  7. Wow! Great instructional by a wonderful lady. I think the title may be a misnomer though. I'm a beginner and couldn't stay on the rebounder more than 5 minutes without legs getting shaky and wanting to collapse. I think I may be a pre-beginner 🙂 Still, I'm a new subscriber and looking forward to more of your terrific workout videos. Very motivating me 🙂

  8. Been using Bellicon for over a year. Had you pop up in my recommended and did your intro but used five pound weights in each hand, instead of elastic band. By the way, I am 65 yo male. Hope you do a lot with your rebounder. Great for poor knees.

  9. Hi ! I loved your workout! . Is the 39” belicon rebounder a good size ?. I’m torn between that at the 44”. Id rather not spend more than I need to.

  10. I forgot to mention I also really enjoyed you using the bands I forgot about doing that. It's like using weights but it's easier. Yes would you try other simple band exercises on the bellicon?

  11. I'm so glad you're back Laura. I check in time just time to see if you're making new videos. And I bought a bellicon 49 inch two years ago and I just worked out today on it. I enjoyed it immensely. It's easy also to do the intermittent exercises 30 seconds on in 10 seconds off running in place. A lot easier on your joints. Alright now I'm getting psyched ready for your new workouts. Take care.

  12. Thank you so much Laura for the rebounding work out 😍 I bought a Bellicon rebounder about 6 months ago and
    LOVE it. I was so excited when I saw you posted a REBOUNDER routine. I look forward to more routines to come!
    I have 4 screws in my hip but this is low impact that I can handle. Thanks YOU Thank YOU!

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