My 12 guidelines for an epic life

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41 thoughts on “My 12 guidelines for an epic life”

  1. End of last year around there I dedicated my life to growth and there already is alot more movement in my life!
    Once you put it in the universe you want change start working and you'll be surprised!

    I've been on this since okay October maybe and I'm down 15 pound sorry so, read 1 whole book (haven't read in a long time, down 3 inches in my hips, and just getting good habits in.
    You will feel down but you gotta keep moving. I haven't really worked out in 2 months but I'm watching my food intake.

    Do what you can ❤️

  2. I have problem with job change now.
    My intellect tells me – hell no bro, new job can be worse than this one, so stressing.
    But intuition tells me – take it, bcuz it can change your life for better and move on.

  3. If you love me, press ‘read more’.

    You are an amazing human being with so much potential. I hope you are enjoying life, and if not, I hope you find a solution on your journey to help! 👌🙌

  4. My godmother gave that same advice to me before she passed away. Greatest advice I've ever had. I was always rationalizing everything and was just staying still, trying to come up with the best course of action, all the potential outcomes, etc. I didn't listen to her right away (I was 14-15, I think), but ever since I started doing it, I've never regretted a single thing. I still try to find logic behind intuition, just to see if it's not just recklessness or misconceptions, but I'd say intuition is at least 99% right most of the time. Intellect is not a bad thing, but just like you need different people's advice sometimes, you can't rely solely on that to make decisions.

  5. Alex, you always give me a lot of information.. a lot of useful information that I feel if I just stick to it it would change my life.
    But with all these information..I don’t know.. I just end up don’t doing anything.
    But.. thanks man 😄 And keep going..

  6. Great tips man thanks for sharing! Too many people like to keep their success protocols to themselves.. BBD from
    💥⚡BadBoyDTV⚡💥 is definitely a health monk too.. Thanks again brother!!

  7. I’m thinking of switching to med ( a passion) instead of finance but I’m 21. Is this too late to do or? Also do u agree that consistency is the key, no matter what it is doing it every day for 1 hour will make u better at anything

  8. Tracking what you fear & the conscious charting of course are the two foundations of my life 🙂

    If you track it, you can catch the drift easier, and through charting a course I can then track progress on those goals too – a symbiotic relationship almost!

  9. 1. Reading 30 minutes a day
    2. Spending less time on social media
    3.Thinking about thought that will come true
    4. Track your fears
    5. Not taking responsibility for your habits , Tracking what you do
    6. Having morning ritual Review Goals
    7. Charting a course forward
    8. Journaling
    9. Working out 5 days a week
    10. habit of cooking
    11. Following Your intuition
    12. Dedicating my life to growth
    Thank me l8r

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