Love Yoga – Day 30 – Fortunately Ever After | Ali Kamenova Yoga

I’d love to listen to your enter for our subsequent sequence! Did you favor the shorter or the longer lessons? What are your most well-liked size and depth stage? Thanks!

Our ultimate class shall be a coronary heart and hip opening vinyasa. Appropriate for all ranges. If any of the poses really feel difficult please be happy to remain within the earlier pose or take a wall cair which can construct sturdy legs. We’ll proceed on our Journey collectively. Proper now I’m creating the schedule for 2019 and I shall be posting on right here Free lessons on Wednesday and Sunday. I shall be posting a scheduled exercise or yoga class on my web site each day. These are the brand new developments. I really feel honored to have had the prospect to be right here each day and be part of this yoga journey with all of you. Thanks very a lot. Let’s deepen our self-awareness in 2019 and are available to the mat Three-6 occasions per week.
Love and gratitude

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Let’s Circulation with Ease and Power

Take pleasure in this video. I might love to listen to from you.
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22 thoughts on “Love Yoga – Day 30 – Fortunately Ever After | Ali Kamenova Yoga”

  1. Dear ALI, I am so exited that I did this journey, I’m looking forward to start new practice with you tomorrow, this is a great beginning to start and thank you Sofie being with us🥰😍🧘‍♀️🙏🏼Namaste beautiful Ali and Sofie, sending you my love ❤️

  2. I love all your 45-60 min classes, I always do 45 min on a work day and 1 hour on my days off, I practice every day and Sundays I do 45-60 min yin yoga, thank you so much for all your classes you are my favourite, your classes can be challenging but fun xx

  3. I completed this challenge today. I think hip opener classes are my all time favourite and they pair so good with heart openers so I love that you ended the journey on that note. I love you Ali and I am happy to continue to practice with you every day. I see people were engaged in this challenge and really loved it so I guess it was a complete success. Well done you! And your talented producer Jonny 😉 and kisses for the most adorable supporting actor Sofie :*

  4. Thank you so much Ali for this beautiful journey with you! I am a bit sad it is over but so happy I went though it all! Very grateful that my dad who was with us for 3 months who allowed me to step aside motherhood every day for the time of the yoga practice! I am grateful too for the universe to have brought into my life my 2 beautiful baby girls…
    Also I wanted to tell you what a great job you did with the channel lately, every thing looks very clear and elegant. I love the new space you created, very relaxing! And I feel you have grown and evolve even more as a guide and yoga teacher.
    Looking forward to the future videos!

  5. I'm proud of myself for sticking with the challenge. I did complete it a couple of days behind because there were a couple of days where i was just too busy. I even grew to look forward to your classes every day 🙂 I'm still incorporating your 2x per week classes into my weekly workout routines. Personally, 45 minutes is a length that is engaging and challenging. I like the fusion classes you do that incorporate traditional moves and intervals and/or power moves. Even though I've been doing yoga for decades, I found it really helpful to go back to basics and work on the foundation. I do feel my core is stronger and am more aware of body alignment. I appreciate the reminders of working at your level. I'm so impressed with what you can do, but realize I'm just not as flexible (and young) so I may never get there and I can be good with that. Thank you for your generosity and guidance!

  6. This is a beautiful class Ali. I felt my body opening and gliding through the poses. I will come back tomorrow and repeat, as I have done with many of the classes in this series. I will finish the comment after the second round. You are such an asset to my life my friend. xox, ever, with love, Lolly

  7. I’m quite a few days late (I started late and had to take days off due to dreaded migraines) but I am so happy I finished the series and even more excited that I finished every class without stopping! I loved this series and I cannot wait to repeat many of these classes ❤️🙏🏻🌿

  8. Yes, todays morning was the last one with Love Yoga Challenge. At times I wanted to cry. I'm very touched, grateful and motivated! I was praying to find a higher goal in my life, I didn't wanted to wake up every morning and do the same things, like every one have to do : job, shopping, home, bed… I wanted to start my day with a feeling that is something important to do. Ali you have showed me my goal, you teach me…you are my Angel on this planet. I want to live with strength and ease :D. Now I will wake up with a higher goal in my wonderful life.

  9. I just finished the challenge. wow, loved the end with the face massage, I know the full video on gua sha massage and super indicate it for those who haven't watched it yet. I just want to thank you again Ali, I am not a beginner but these series have definitely put me back on my yoga path!!!! NAMASTE <3 lots of love from south america

  10. Thank you so much for these 30 days Ali, it was a great journey! I loved the variety that you gave us, every day a different style. Please do more classes using different breath works like that one class (I cant remember which day it was, was it kundalini? where we were pumping our arms and doing belly breaths etc.) That was a totally new experience, would love to learn more about that!

  11. Ali, I LOVE your yoga videos and share them with my friends who are now fans. 🙂 I prefer the 45-60-minute videos with more intensity. It's easier for me to make an adjustment if the move is too hard, but if it's too easy, I run out of ideas. <3

  12. I enjoy your advanced intermediate with hip openers and backbend and less talking/instruction
    Much love looking forward to 2019 and loved starting it out with your challenge nameste

  13. This class was a beautifully soulful ending to the Hero's Journey. Thank you Ali and Thank you Johnny. The videos were beautifully shot, all of the subtle details appreciated, their meaning and purpose noted. ( beautiful bracelets Ali). I really enjoyed the dynamic versatility of the series, the mixture of class lengths, and type of yoga. I appreciated the order as well. Building up to stronger classes and then staying there for a while then transitioning into softer more contemplative classes, which gave the body time to assimilate and rest and then building up again. I realized that I am stronger than I thought and that I actually prefer this rhythm to, one day soft one day strong.. It builds resistance.
    Introducing themes to each practice was also a rich experience that helps with setting different intentions for each class, this helped me get out of the box!
    Thank you for the pearls of wisdom you have shared in each class!! Can't wait for next series! xoxo

  14. I prefer the longer classes. Ali has plenty of shorter classes on her YouTube catalogue and on her paid subscription platform (I highly recommend that everyone join🤗). The longer classes provide us an opportunity to actually practice yoga in a more traditional format…which is great! All in all, I love the 30 day practice sequence and shared these days with friends of mine. They absolutely loved her! Thanks for making yoga a treat for all Ali!💕

  15. Okay does anyone remember which practice of this 30-day Series where we did that Breath of Fire and it was surprisingly a sweaty practice I think it was quick with Breath of Fire? I've looked at all of them and I can't seem to find it I must be fast-forwarding part of the Breath of Fire LOL. Anyone remember what the practice was named?

  16. I did your last class quite intense for beginners but I made it more intense with ujjai breathing and double chatrangas…..add more back bends and abs workout…..with apologies I want to make it lil intense….. thank you

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