Lazy Day Whole Physique Firming Body weight Exercise/ Nice for Fatigue Days

This simple to comply with, pilates impressed, whole physique exercise is light on the joints whereas nonetheless being very efficient at firming you up. You are able to do this house exercise proper in your pajamas with only a mat and no different tools. It’s nice for anybody simply having a drained day but in addition so helpful for these coping with persistent fatigue. That is going to my go to exercise to any extent further when I’m feeling run down. I hope you get pleasure from this one as a lot as me. Please let me know within the feedback beneath what you thought.

Degree: Learners

Gear: Mat

Depth: Low

Protected For: Anybody with any well being problem!

Exercise Breakdown: Warmup/ three rounds of workouts with Four-5 totally different strikes every/ Quiet down and stretch

Cocolime Health gives tremendous efficient exercises for individuals coping with persistent fatigue points who wish to look and feel higher quick! (Persistent Fatigue, Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid Points, Hashimotos Syndrome, Joint Ache, Melancholy & Anxiousness and Insomnia) It’s also for individuals who get bored simply and wish selection of their exercises and no repetition of their routines, and for individuals who hate doing annoying, exhausting excessive depth exercises however who nonetheless need tremendous efficient routines which can be medium depth and simple to carry out.

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28 thoughts on “Lazy Day Whole Physique Firming Body weight Exercise/ Nice for Fatigue Days”

  1. I loved it! It's perfect for my fatigue days when I'm really tired, in a lot of pain but in need of working out. A big bonus is that I laughed a lot too – thank you so much Z! 😀

  2. Hi Z. Thank you for this workout. It might be my new favorite. I’m looking for ways to strength my core and legs and train my body to not let my back do all the heavy work, especially now that it has sustained repetitive injury. It’s a constant battle, but I think this workout will really help to strength the muscles that commonly get lazy if you let them. I want to do this one once a week.🙆🏼‍♀️💪🏼

  3. Just like wine tasting it’s good to revisit something you liked! With Fibromyalgia you can’t always keep the schedule you want for exercise but trying to do a little bit of something can always be a benefit. I also enjoy the stretching videos when I’m having a real high pain day. They’re also great before bed too! Keep up the good work Suzanne!

  4. Great workout. I definitely needed the lazy day workout today. I had to minimize my range of motion due to hip pain but the workout was still very effective. Thank you for your efforts. 🙂

  5. Hi Suzanne- Angela here. Wow this was perfect and just what I needed . Having a huge fatigue day- actually couple of days . I actually felt like I worked out, but didn't exhaust myself. Couldn't bring myself to jump around, so I am glad I found this one. Maybe in the future another one similar to this? Thanks for all you do

  6. I haven't ever been able to get into Yoga, so this was a good "in-between" for me that I wasn't bored and still got a good stretch out of it on my "lazy-sore" workout day. Thanks!

  7. I thought the name was a bit misleading. This felt anything but lazy. I feel like I really worked my butt off. I wouldn't say I feel rejuvenated; but, my fatigue level was pretty high going in. I do feel looser and more stretched out after though 🙂

  8. I can't do some of these moves! I can't do the full sit up. I had a hysterectomy and 2 c sections so stomach muscles are not very strong! So i raised my arms up into a normal sit up not all the way. Also i can't do the seated knee raises behind as i have dodgy hips and pelvis. My knees wouldn't lift off the ground when laying on your front so i lifted one at a time! Could you do an easier position for each move maybe?

  9. I also have been extremely fatigued the last few day and did not want to move from the couch. But seeing the name of this workout I thought I'd give it ago. And I'm so glad I did! Thanks so much! Feeling a lot better, this was perfect for me today. Love your positive and practical approach to life. Thanks 😊

  10. This was an awesome workout I sometimes struggle with bad knees and shoulders and bad right wrist from old injuries and it's very hard for me to get motivated to workout when you know you're going to be in pain! Good job sweetie

  11. Hey guys, just finished this one and I have to say that I am starting to feel more energized for the day. I had a bad bout of Chronic Fatigue this week and its been rough but today I felt I could do some exercise, and I am so happy I did. Let me know if this routine works as well for you on your fatigue days. Thanks for watching -Suzanne (just call me Z)

  12. Thank you for the video. I enjoy the calm yet challenging moves. Helps us tune into our body more and silence the mind. I love high cardio too bc im a fire sign;) roar

  13. I'm SUPER happy, relieved and excited I found you! I could write a book but I'll save it for next time! I didn't think this existed for us! You speak my language! So encouraging! Thank you!!! 😀

  14. Sorry, but if you suffer from fibromyalgia, and you are having a bad day, those floor excercises are really not suitable! I started out with these excercises feeling heavy, fatigued and had like a 7,5 out of 10 in pain levels. I am actually quite fit myself, excercise on regular basis, and used to be a pretty serious dancer… But these floor excercises (the one where you lift your foot behind you while resting on one hip basically, and the ones where you need to lay flat on your back), they were wayyy too painful! My pain lvls rose to a 9(/10) in 5mins, so I had to stop! I cannot see how though, because I'm fit! If I can't even manage these without a shtload of pain, how are ppl suffering from fibro who aren't as fit supposed to try these? I think you should consider at least taking this into account when making these videos. Maybe even suggest other options for if it is too painful, or suggest using softer surfaces (or using a not too thick pillow) when doing this if you have high pain lvls that day or feel your pain lvls rise. I feel like I just used up 3/4 of my spoons for the rest of the day!! And that is totally frustrating! Because I actually love to workout, and wanted to do something positive for my body today, especially since I wasn't feeling that well :'(

  15. Thank you so much for continuing to make videos to help with fibromyalgia, im so thankful I can still workout and take the time to do something for my body! This was perfect for today as my pain has flared up and i have been very fatigued today!!

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