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Please be a part of us as we share our weight-reduction plan Journey. Low Carb, Keto.Low Calorie? What works for you, please let me know.
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Be happy to do these questions in case you are on a weight-reduction plan journey and please share the hyperlink so I can watch your weight-reduction plan way of life video.
The Questions
1. Age and the way a lot misplaced over what time frame- how lengthy it took
2. Of all of the diets out there- low calorie- Weight watchers….Why Did You Select Keto/Low Carb?
three. Are you continue to doing Keto/Low Carb? Why or Why not?
four. How has your weight-reduction plan been effected by menopause?
5. How do you are feeling on Keto/Low Carb
6. What’s the hardest part- or largest problem
7. Best/ favourite half on residing a Keto/Low Carb Way of life
eight. What meals do you eat every day? Snacks? What form? Alcohol?
9. What motivates you probably the most?
10. What assist methods do you’ve got or do you are feeling others “should” have to achieve success?
11. Do you’ve got extra to lose and do you propose to remain on a Ketogenic / low carb way of life?
12. What’s your secret weapon- what recommendation would you give to your finest pal simply beginning this path?

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44 thoughts on “Keto/Low Carb after 50 – Beating the Weight Acquire Sport | Mature Magnificence | Sixty Plus”

  1. Thank you so much for this amazing video. I appreciate your honesty so much. My story is similar to yours and I too have found a plan that works for me. Although it’s a very different diet to the one you are on, I am happy and feel better than I have for years. I really don’t think there is a one plan suits all. It’s finding what suits you, your health and sticking with it. I don’t agree that vegan is the only way or that keto is the only way, I think we are all different. I will do a diet and weight loss video soon, regarding what works for me and how my health issues have improved so much, but like you say, because it suits me, doesn’t mean it’s right for all. Again thank you for your honesty my friend…..Much love…Bella xxxx🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

  2. I think this is the one where I made a comment abut dry fasting, here's one on how it lifts the skin: I eat carnivore diet and fast more often than I eat and do dry fasting daily as in IDF and it is great for the skin, fades age apots, tightens skin. Anyway I hope that that video helps you, tho I would never eat kasha or grains as they are just sugar with chemicals added. See you soon Monika!

  3. What an awesome video, I need to get started, going back to the gym in the morning. Do you still eat those Atkins bars as a snack along with your protein shakes. Do you feel hungry drinking those 2 shakes, I’ve done the shakes before, not that brand, but I still felt hungry.😘. Loving your longer hair, you look so pretty today, just glowing.

  4. I have to tell you that I was so touched by your honesty and full exposure of your up and downs. You have motivated me! You have given us a reason to rise up and support one another as well as, picking each other up. I loved that point….no one wants to fail…speak out. Thank you because you have helped me more than you can imagine 😍❤😊😘

  5. I feel like you told my story. I had my gallbladder out 37 yrs ago,5 weeks after a caesarean. I had thought about going all in on keto but I think it’ll set me up for failure. Oh, and had a hysterectomy 15 yrs ago so, ugh. I had lost 25 lbs but then my thyroid tanked and that weight came back. Sigh…however, you look amazing!

  6. Monika you are amazing! This collab was so great. I could listen to you for hours speaking. I always thought you were beautiful inside and out. You're an inspiration to us all. Happy Weekend! Big hugs! xoxo Mary

  7. I am now 70 pounds over-weight…esp since menopause…and am very down, feeling very hopeless (not looking for sympathy…just saying). I may need to highly consider your meal supplement. I need to do something, because I need to be healthier.

  8. i will be 63 in november. I too had a hard time all my life losing weight. Grew up with Atkins. At the age of of 55 i loss 60 lbs with weight watchers. i still have maintained to this day but i no longer go to weight watchers even though i still work the program. I use an app called itrackbites with is all the weight watchers programs. You will NEVER keep weight off until you find something that is a lifestyle change and something you can live with until the day you die. What you are doing now is something you will get bored with …sorry. I will use itrackbites the rest of my life and the weight watchers programs until i am old and don’t know who i am and in a nursing home. lol oh by the way i eat bread and wear Miss Me jeans and ride a harley. and never could at the age of 25. Sand ..remember lifestyle change

  9. I didn't realize you had been so sick. I am so sorry. I like it how you listened to your body and realized what you needed to do. You look terrific Monika! I enjoyed this so much. Love to you, Melissa

  10. Well i think you look great, thats a big weight loss. Hugs, i was typing a message last night, fell asleep, i looked at said message, good grief jibberish, numbers, commas lol. Love to you and Jay xxx 💖💗💝

  11. Monika, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue in 2011. I lost from 155 to 129, which is thin for me. I started to gain weight and maintained 145 lbs for several years. I cannot exercise and 6 months ago I weighed 173. I was sobbing when I returned from my doctor visit although he said nothing about my weight gain. I immediately started a low carb diet and lost 10 lbs in 4 weeks but fell off the wagon. I just turned 65 and my clinical therapist said it is not uncommon for fibromyalgia patients to gain weight because we're inactive. She also did a clinical trials on 50 fibromyalgia patients and sugar was proven to ease their stress, anxiety and pain. I have no idea what I weigh now. My weight gain is in my upper body. Broader shoulders, larger upper arms and fatter back. Also went from a 38D to a 40DD. When you have very large breasts you never look thin. I didn't catch the name of the $39 supplement but believe you mentioned adding fruit, ice and I typically add a small portion of 1 % lactaid due to my IBS. Will you please explain the collagen you use. Is it a powder you make smoothies with? Where can I purchase both of these? I desperately want to lose weight and it's been so hard. I can actually still wear my 10-12 pants because I have no bum and small legs. My apologies for the long message but would be so appreciative to hear back from you. I am miserable because I have always taken pride in how I look and what I wear. Take care and you look absolutely amazing. Susan 💕

  12. Hi Monika
    You look pretty today.
    I am trying to get back on keto I am struggling!
    Nathalie is great I can tell she also as lost weight.
    My son changed our icon he's trying to download videos.
    Thanks for your information it helps. thanks again Jennifer 😘 😅

  13. You said so many encouraging things in this video. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I like your hair, it is getting longer and it looks good on you. Hugs! Elaine

  14. HI congratulations! my hubby use to buy the KITO STICKS to check his levels ,then he learned that RED MEAT gave him cravings for chocolate. he quite the stuff and dairy products. husband lost 70 lbs (from 240) in 6months.that was 14 yrs ago and he is doing great.FOOD COMBINING is VERY important also. ALL you want protin with veggies only or carbs with veggies only. he also switched to STEVIA to replace sugar in our house. hope this is helpful for someone 🙂 my FIRST blog yesterday : over 70 still glamorous

  15. Is your husband on your diet too? I often wonder how this works, if he isn't. This was a wonderful video and I with you nothing but success in your journey. I have had my ups and downs with weight, tried several, but the only thing that actually works for me is to count calories. Sounds simple, and it is, but this way, I can have a treat, eat regular foods, just make sure my portion control is there, and that I record EVERYTHING I eat. I also eat real food (try to limit processed, chemical filled food). I don't snack, and never have, so I think that helps, and I also don't drink sweetened soda. I do drink wine, and I do eat butter (never a substitute) and bread, but do watch the portions. A trick is to use smaller plates – did you now the size of a dinner plate has almost doubled in the last 20 years!! I do weigh myself everyday, which a lot of gurus say not to do, but this way I can see if I gain, and can do something about it. The only thing I don't do, and absolutely know that I should do, is exercise…..Do I fall – yes, but I can quickly do something about it without having to buy anything special. Like you and your carbs – I don't keep anything in the house that could tempt me into failing! My downfall is cheese – so that is only for special occasions. This was a very honest video, and I think you should be so proud of yourself for how far you've come.

  16. Thank you Monika for your honesty and encouragement you look fabulous and have a great attitude the "MEANopause" has given me my "SpongeBob waistline" lol! and I'm the heaviest I've ever been, I've had health issues for a year now and its been challenging, I'm trying to get to the bottom of it and I'm determined to get ME back no matter how long it takes! It does hurt when you meet friends you haven't seen in a while and the first thing they say is " you've put on weight" but I'm grateful for so many things every day and see it as part of the privilege of being an older woman, loved this, it's really helpful and encouraging, sorry for rambling on!

  17. Great video 👍🏻 I have lots of ups & downs with my weight since I was 12 years old. It’s not easy. The longest I maintained my weight was 8 years & then I fell off the wagon & have been trouble staying on ever since. I used Isagenix for a few months & lost 16 lbs. I then did “true” clean keto for 2 months & lost another 10 lbs. No intermittent fasting though. Like The Keto Connect couple, but I stopped – it’s a difficult lifestyle to keep up with. Especially not being able to drink wine. I only have 2-4 glasses a week but I missed it. I’ve already gained 5 lbs. ugh. Gotta find a happy medium I guess. Thanks for sharing today ❤️👍🏻

  18. Thank you for sharing, I can relate to a lot of what you said … I was successful on Atkins but eventually fell off the wagon and regained the weight, and Keto is too hard, I needed to reboot myself and found Intermittent Fasting, it really helped me get on track again and I'm doing low-carb now. Wishing you much luck on your journey.

  19. Thank you for sharing! I’ve been relatively thin , but I’ve been gaining weight and now have this stomach and my clothes are getting tighter by the week 😔 I need to change some things in my diet and my lifestyle! Not sure how I’m going to give up pasta😩 again thank you for being such an inspiration 💞🌟🌻🌈🧚‍♂️😘

  20. Hi Monika! Loved your video and the pictures/ video you inserted. This is truly a difficult journey, especially at this age. You are correct that we have to be accepting of how we look and be thankful for all the positives in our lives. I'm so happy to have been part of this group! xoxo

  21. Monica, I am on low card also. I do take the same collegen that you do. I can really, see and feel a big difference!! I have lost 14 pounds
    And feeling better. Take care stay ln your plan!! Love you! X0X0

  22. Monika, I was blown away. I have to tell you that this video was your very best. You came across like a pro, like someone that knew exactly what they were talking about, and you were so REAL with your journey. Girl! I have a whole new respect for you. You were on it like white on rice. You came across so much more confident than I had ever seen. I really think this is your niche. Stay with it. So believable. KUDOS! xoxo Sharon

  23. Thanks for sharing your weight loss journey, Monika. It’s a lovely feeling reaching goal weight but I find I just can’t stay at that weight. I guess it has to become a way of life and that’s when I fail every time. When I’m sad or worried I just turn to food for comfort. Menopause definitely seems to be a time when the weight piles on and it’s much harder to shed the pounds during that time. I also put on weight after gallbladder removal. I really admire your motivation and positive attitude on your weight loss journey – you look a picture of health! I was naughty whilst watching your video – I ate chocolate 😋

  24. Hi Monika I tried keto as well and got sick then I realised that was not for me and instead I am doing just low carb I haven't lost anything but I am feeling great. Keep up your good work. You look great. Xoxo

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