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Good Morning and Welcome to Fabulous Over 50!

Right this moment I’m bringing you a particular collaboration all about Keto/Low Carb diets and find out how to beat the battle of the bulge! I’ve teamed up with three fabulous ladies — Marlene, Fab & Glam Over 50, Monika McGillicuddy & Marjorie, Keto & Koffee with Marjorie. Marlene and I are new to Keto, we each began final July, nevertheless Monika and Marjorie have been on Keto for a few years and each have misplaced an incredible quantity of weight. I’ve dubbed this video the battle of the newbies vs the veterans lol.

Hope you get pleasure from our ideas on this way of life.

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Marlene – Fab & Glam Over 50

Monika McGillicuddy

Marjorie – Keto & Koffee with Marjorie

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43 thoughts on “Keto/Low Carb After 50 ~ Beating the Weight Acquire Recreation ~ Ladies Over 50++”

  1. I was a tight size 10 Jan 2018, saw Tammy's Ageless Beauty on intermittent fasting, so I started it, loved it, stretched out the time and then was a sz 4 in a matter of a few months. I went keto for two months before going carnivore aka zero carb. But I really adopted a fasting focused lifestyle a la Snake Diet (warning, language alert if that bothers ppl) bc we naturally should fast more often than feast. I also became a carnivore. I am now a sz 0-2 and healthy and my skin looks amazing, health is great. I also dry fast even on the daily as in IDF and just shared this one with Monika & Marjorie, tho I would never do what this woman does eating kasha bc grains are just sugar with chemicals like Roundup added. Here's the video: Detaching from food was the best thing I ever did for myself! Thx Natalie!

  2. Hello, newbie to your channel. Seventy eight year old Ketogentic believer. Hubby and I have been Keto over a year. At our goals and holding with all of our numbers (blood work) are perfect. We have not felt better, we look better along with brand new clothes! By the way, our doctors are on board. Smart ladies!

  3. I was Low CarbKeto for almost a year and lost 20 lbs., then I heard about Zero Carb/Carnivore. I started eating just meat and lost another 80 lbs. over the next 2 years. All my labs are perfect and I feel great with lots more energy. I'm so happy for you taking the step to better your health. It has really made a difference in my life.

  4. Hey there Ms Beauty Diva, 1st thing I'd like to ask is if you ever consider dying your hair. With Halloween around the corner I think some gothic make up with a kinda ELVIRA feel, with a lil Halloween background would really cause some talk ya know ( but the good stuff I). If you not feeling the hair dye suggestion then similar to what you doing now…maybe you can put together a list of veggies & fruits to make a smoothie. Last but not least, i think yellow is a good look on you. I'd like to see a yellow dress, outfit, combination and try out the color lavender on your nails if you do consider it, ok I think that's plenty hope I didn't sound to thirsty if I did so what it was all for the BEAUTY DIVA πŸ€—, have a great day and wishing you the best.

  5. Ms Nathalie you are spellbinding if it don't sound 2 lame. I've been a fan since the retinin a episode but the keto/weight loss episode brought me to the realization that you are 1 of the best to do it if not # 1. πŸ€” Well to me @ least. I enjoy watching you excentuate things from your hair, jewelry, clothes to ya nails. If I may be so bold as to make a request

  6. Loved this. We are so blessed to have the support available on YouTube and the "maturistas " have made my life more enjoyable! I've been so encouraged over the last couple of years. Keto works well with my lifestyle. I've been losing weight, but slowly (I'm 68) but most importantly my brain fog has disappeared. I have a new enthusiasm for skincare,beauty and clothes. There is so much to be grateful for and, for me, I am able to celebrate being alive again! Love from UKx

  7. Hi Nathalie. I love watching Marjorie. She is very knowledgeable. I've watched her channel grow and it is very well deserved. Remember me, it would be nice to do a collaboration together. You are doing a modified keto diet and that is great.

  8. Hi Nathalie! I am enjoying hearing about your eating habits. You look wonderful, but you did to me before you began your journey. Super collab! Super ladies! Love you Angel! xoxo Mary

  9. Hi Nathalie! I really enjoyed this and I learned so so much! Thank you so much! You look Amazing and I love the idea of the collab!!! Going to watch the others now!! Hugs wendy

  10. Hello Nathalie, first of all you look so lovely in that white blazer. And the makeup! It's beautiful. I hope you filmed a GRWM ha! So nice keto resulted in you feeling good! We can see the results for sure, you look amazing. Hugs! Alina xoxo
    P.S. I think Robert Dostie likes you (don't tell anyone) LOL His comments are so unique and sweet! Seriously, what a supportive husband.

  11. Great video – a word of caution though (this may only apply to me) I've been full blown keto (zero cheats) since March. Had a very small amount of grains as a test to see how'd I'd feel. Apparently I no longer have the digestive enzymes needed to digest grains. Literally had a reaction on par with food poisoning, lesson learned. Keep up the great work, you look amazing!

  12. You just look so pretty. I know so many people have had good luck following this food plan. You have done so well! And I have also heard so many people say that they feel better on it, too. Well you look fantastic!!! I enjoyed this so much. Lots of love to you! Melissa

  13. Thanks for sharing about your experience with Keto. I have mixed feelings about Keto. I will never be true Keto. I do feel like I follow the principles. I really can’t say I have lost any major weight on the diet but I’ve not gained any back. I do feel better physically though on most days.

  14. Hi Nathalie, I'm glad keto is working for you πŸ™‚ I used to have a recipe when I was first diagnosed with celiac that used pork rind 'flour'. I wasn't so sure at first but it was excellent, I only wish I had thought of using them as a breading back then as well!
    I hope your week is going well, have an excellent weekend! xx

  15. Congratulations Nathalie on your health goals. So glad you are feeling better. I have not yet gone keto. But I'm looking into it. I think feeling good and being healthy is the main thing. It is a mindset and a decision for yourself. Good to see you:).❀❀❀

  16. Hi my Beautiful Hollywood Diva, Thank you for sharing this info on Keto.
    I need to lose 100 pounds, I started gaining when I turned 50. I had always been thin, now I am FAT.
    I really need to lose 50 pounds or they can't do my knee surgery, this has been going on now since January, it will be a year here shortly. But I have been so depressed since my mother passed away that all I did and do is eat and never have lost at least the 50 pounds so I can have the knee surgery. I have really been down and sad this past year and a half. I hardly have the money to survive, well it is just a mess.
    Now I really need to get on the ball and lose this 50 pounds.
    All I know you look absolutely beautiful and I am really proud you lost that weight.
    I just don't know how I could do this because I really don't have the funds to buy everything.
    Sharon, I can't wait to see you put on that new Urban Decay Cherry products.
    Did you buy the Urban Decay blush in that collection too?
    Thank you for listening to me, I shouldn't go on about my problems, but the only friend I had was put in a mental hospital for depression and I haven't talked to her for 3 months.
    I just Love you Nathalie, Please Take Care of Yourself.
    I will see you Saturday, I can't wait, and God Bless You πŸ˜‡πŸ’•

  17. Loved the idea of this video and all the info from the four of you. I can tell you have lost Nathalie and you look awesome . . . love those colors on you. I'm so glad you are seeing success. I love the BPC too. I've been doing Keto for over a year, but kind of stuck right now. Keto on – it was a fun video! Thanks for sharing! Mayra

  18. Hi Beautiful!! Keto/low carb is working for you. I noticed a big decrease in cravings like you mentioned, I am so happy about that. I’ve also noticed I eat way more vegetables when I don’t fill up on starchy carbs. I’m hoping I can keep this as my lifestyle and not just a diet as well. Thank you for sharing your tips. Always helpful!!
    Love you!!!

  19. Great video my sweet girL but you need to be careful not to lose too much. You don't want your face to fall. Such good info. This Keto thing seems to be alot of work though. I have a girlfriend who is a Keto freak as I call her, because she is die hard with this routine, and she works constantly on this. You made it sound more doable if you know what I mean. LOL Love ya heaps Girl! xoxo

  20. I’m so happy KETO is working for you! When l told you about it you jumped right in! it’s a little tough in the beginning, but that KETO flu only lasts a few days. You look great and l really enjoyed this Q&A. Love you my soul sister!
    Elizabeth πŸ˜˜πŸ’•πŸ’•

  21. Hey Nathalie! I'm not a true keto either! I am gluten free for 4 yrs now. I never had weight issues till I turned 60. This is a great diet though…. Im down 7lbs in 5 weeks. I feel better a little on the thinner side. I'm also very tiny! Only 5' now. When I gain a couple of extra lbs it shows on me. Out of all the diets I have tried I think keto is the quickest and healthiest! Thx for sharing your thoughts and tips! You look beautiful! Hugs! Xo

  22. hello again girl. thats right just pray over your food first πŸ™‚ NATALIE just stop eating ONE bad thing for 2 weeks. LIKE red meat or dairy or sugar and see how much you loose. now, pork rings ! no no no to much fat and terrible for acid reflux ,I know. anyway stay beautiful ! πŸ™‚

  23. I think everyone has to do "keto" their way, I have eaten this way, off and on for a long time and I agree I feel the best on low carb/keto, I got to go to an event a couple of weekends ago and it was fabulous! I love pork rinds for breading and for filler, for like meatloaf, salmon patties, etc.I am so glad this is working for you too! XOXO

  24. Hey Nathalie……..I have never tried Keto, but through your eyes it all sounds amazing…….oh my gosh….fat bombs for a snack, that sure sounds yummy. Thank you for all the great tips here, I will have to check out the other ladies…….thanks so much for sharing girl, always a pleasure, big hugs XO

  25. Hello Sweet Friend😊 My hubby does keto and had surgery a few weeks ago and got off it, but he stared back again.When he stays on it he looses 15 to 35 pounds, you just have to stick with it like you said,it has to be a life styleπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
    Have a Great rest of you week 😊❀️
    Texas Lady xoxo

  26. Hi Beautiful BFF! You are looking absolutely stunning as always! Thank you so much for inviting me to join you three in this collaboration. So, bullet coffee? Ok, I think I need to get on that wagon right away! I hope you're having a beautiful Wednesday! Love you my gorgeous bestie from here to Mars and back! xoxo Marlene

  27. Great video πŸ‘πŸ» Glad you’re happy & that you’ve been successful with this lifestyle β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ» I did β€œtrue” clean keto for 2 months. No intermittent fasting though. Like The Keto Connect couple, but I stopped – it’s a difficult lifestyle to keep up with. Especially not being able to drink wine. I only have 2-4 glasses a week but I missed it.

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