Inside chest

Knee Push Ups – Arms as Chest Width is an efficient train on the way to practice inside chest muscle tissue.

Please watch: “Chest exercise – finest residence routine to kill pec muscle calisthenics and body weight”



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  6. No you fool… when I went to the gym one year ago the trainer told me to do normal push-ups as much as I can and when I feel that I can't lift my body anymore I should switch to knee push-ups and continue with those but it's very important to keep doing that excersise so your blood has time to fill the muscle…

  7. it is good, workout should be total hour or 1 and a half long tops, so your body can get tied, don't overexaust yoursef though. such long workouts are best done every other day. sorry for my english. it is not my native.

  8. @royaltutu1 do close grip pushups and close grip benchpress.But the close grip bench press 4 chest is different from da triceps exercise.Here u keep ur elbows out,far from ur body,not close like when doing triceps.Is very hard 2 do correctly,use smaller weight,max 2/3 of what u normally bench.Squeeze at the top and u dont have to touch ur chest with the bar,the stress on the inner pec is in the top of the movement.Also flyes and cable crossovers are goog,but use very good form & squeeze hard

  9. @royaltutu1 I'm sorry to say, but there isn't really too much you can do about this gap. Reason is, all our bodies are build slightly differently. The muscle structure of everyone is different, thus some people have big gaps and some don't. You can make your inner pecs more define, but there isn't much of a solution to closing that gap.

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