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Questioning what a yoga wheel is for, and the way do you employ a yoga wheel? Watch this video to study a few of the methods you need to use the ProSource Yoga Wheel to stretch, strengthen, and problem your core and steadiness.

The ProSource Yoga Wheel is an thrilling and enjoyable new prop for yoga that’s nice for enhancing your apply, studying difficult poses, and stretching.

It is an ideal prop for enhancing flexibility, studying new yoga poses, and making your yoga apply extra enjoyable!

It additionally helps open up tight again, chest, hips and shoulders to alleviate again and neck ache and reverse the consequences of sitting at a desk all day.

Workouts to attempt: plow pose, headstands, backbends, workers pose, lunge, crescent pose, splits

Go to our website to purchase the yoga wheel accessible in three colours and obtain a consumer information to go together with this video:

Use coupon code “PSYW15%” to get 15% off.

Train information created & designed by Holly Pinkham, Proprietor of Renewal Health Teaching. Discover her at and on YouTube at HollyPinkhamLA


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  2. hi, thanks for the video, it really help. How wide is your wheel, I struggle to position my both feet/ankles on it to do the blank, I'm wondering if mine isn't too narrow?

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