How To Take In Pants Legs The Simple Approach

This methodology of taking in pants legs is fast, straightforward and correct for a nicely fitted and nicely proportioned pants.

Within the video I exhibit the explanation for becoming the pants earlier than stitching it, I present you make the pants seams utilizing a stitching gauge to create the brand new sew line, after which taper into the unique seams of every leg and in addition hem the pants legs for a clear end.

How To Use A Seam Ripper Appropriately —
Zig Zag a Closed Seam —
Utilizing a Serger —

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25 thoughts on “How To Take In Pants Legs The Simple Approach”

  1. It would be more helpful if you could tell us the measurements as you are marking the inside of the pants. I never did anything like this before so I couldn't guesstimate like you.

  2. I hope you don't mind me saying, your video sucked. You showed us nothing! The instructions that you were giving, telling us to put our pants on to pin them where we want them to take them off to measure them you showed none of that! I'm so pissed that I watched your whole entire video and not once did you show us the difficult parts of taking in a pair of pants! When you're sewing and you got to the crotch you showed us absolutely absolutely and I mean absolutely nothing! When you're doing the outside of the leg and going up to the pocket oh, you showed us nothing! You are a waste of time! Seriously I give you a tap on the back of the head and ask you what are you a seamstress???! I say no!

  3. I really like the way you explain how to do this project. I really don't sew well and I get so confused trying to use a pattern & the ones I really like are not for size 50" bust so I end up just giving up. I've been able to mend my son's torn pants at the knees. Now I need to make his pants longer cause he is too skinny & I can't find affordable 28" waist 33" long soft jeans or nice pants. Just don't shop unless in a store & $20 cash is allot for pants.

  4. I wish you'd shown how to decide how much to take in, how to do your finishing stitches, and how to hem…basically the important bits.

  5. You've lost the classic flat-felled seam that gives pants both their distinctive look and, especially, strength. If those pants aren't made with stretch fabric–and even if they are–I'd be very reluctant to trust the seams you've used. You're also going to have issues where your seams join the existing construction that you left at the tops. I know, because this is how I used to try to "tailor" my pants when I was a girl.

  6. Thanks, I have been staring at a pair of pants for months trying to figure out the best way to take in the legs. Now I can fix them and get some wear out if them. A consise and easy to follow video. I appreciate the good volume, lighting, and that I could see everything you were demonstrating. I am subscribing.

  7. I am sorry but why sew both sides of one leg? I am new to sewing and in desperate need to take in the leg of my pants but most vids I’ve seen only sew the inner leg. I love this video the best though, good job and thank you!!!

  8. Can anyone help re reducing crotch length in trousers? Currently sit low on waist which is great because I am only 5ft tall. However, crotch is nearer my knees! How do I go about altering them? Have dabbled but unsuccessfully. Not sure if lowering waistband is a better idea than undoing crutch area and taking up. Any thoughts or tips would be appreciated.

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