How These Health club Workout routines Can Assist You Run Quicker And Leap Greater : Aesthetically Athletic Ep.14

welcome again to aesthetically athletic sequence. Its time to get again into tip prime form throughout.

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28 thoughts on “How These Health club Workout routines Can Assist You Run Quicker And Leap Greater : Aesthetically Athletic Ep.14”

  1. These are some great workouts like I said I missed cause the dumb bell button was turned off without me and I ended up having to turn it on again.but I'm tempted to try that pushing with the glutes and hamstrings you did.

  2. I have to say most of the exercises have a pretty good transfer to a sprint, which I did not expect before i clicked on the video (which comes from someone who trained high level sprinters). Probs to you Terron, respect! Seems like you have better knowledge then most fitness youtubers.

  3. I’m happy that you are all about being the best athlete instead of just lifting heavy weight all the time. It makes you different from most people in the gym and helps me find new workouts

  4. Hey terron! I just want to ask (anyone else can reply as well) some advice, I’m currently 16 at 6”3 and a half and 70kg. I want to bulk up because I play rugby for one of my school teams and I want to pursue basketball in the future and hopefully fulfil my dream of being in the NBA, I just wanted to ask whether it would be right for me to drink protein shakes. I’ve been very sceptical and thought it wasn’t needed but now I’m thinking I need to gain weight so I can build better muscle. So for the question do you think I should? Thanks anyone who replies

  5. I like the approach you made in this video, great content! Target the athlete audience more often and give us more realistic exercises. The crazy back flips are cool and all but I watch you for the information.

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