How I misplaced 10lbs in three days | Water Fasting Outcomes & TIPS + Exercise Haul

Water fasting outcomes + ideas! -Test all sources linked under please!!!
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At the moment’s video showcases my water fasting expertise and outcomes, how I misplaced weight, learn how to drop some weight quick, learn how to drop some weight for summer time, earlier than and after water fasting, exercise put on haul and check out on, thred up haul,


50 thoughts on “How I misplaced 10lbs in three days | Water Fasting Outcomes & TIPS + Exercise Haul”

  1. That was food though. I've learned after fasting a few times you have about 5-10pbs of food weigh.

    But this is a great way to get into ketosis and clean along with improve growth hormones. My doctor recommends it. Ask your doctor though.

  2. I’m going to try this I’m trying so hard to lose weight and do want a kick start and to be able to stay in ketosis again I’m going to be drinking so much water lol my goal is at least 2 days right now

  3. Honestly that’s not healthy and not warning about everything like if some teens watch this who don’t know much of this it’s not good to lose 5 kg in 3 days like and the side effects and the Jo-Jo effect honestly

  4. Ima start a 3 day water fast ill respond to comments and ill give yall updates im currently at 138 pounds looking to drop down to 120 wish me luck guys

  5. I did a 3 day water fast and broke it with kfc😂😂😭 my throat was on fire. It felt like my trachea closed almost completely it was reallyyyy hard to swallow but I was so hungry. If you’re gonna do a water fast don’t break it with solid food lmao, that was my mistake😭💔 I lost 4kg tho so yahhh

  6. All you care about is looking good in that thumbnail. Water fast should be for spiritual reasons and or health reasons— not a form of weight loss to fit in that one outfit you always wanted to wear.

  7. first day smoothie fast, second day juice fast, tomorrow I start the water fast for 7 days.I'm not hungry yet..feel good, but I hope I can sleep from so much energy…

  8. I’m starting today of my 3 days of water fasting. I tried to keep until 4th day. Hope help me to reduce bloating because I get enough of it. Great and helpful video 💕

  9. Jordan, that was mostly water weight that you lost. The average person doesn't enter into a deep state of ketosis until (at least) 24 hours has passed when fasting. The weight from water being retained is then released (anywhere from three to five pounds), and the stored fat after that usually burns at a rate of one pound per day when doing a water fast. Dry fasting with no water you should see two to three pounds per day. Either way you look great.

  10. My weight loss journey is starting soon!!! I am about to let go of all this extra weight I've been holding onto since the birth of my daughter. IT'S BEEN LONG ENOUGH!! If you would like to help keep me encouraged and on track OR start with me. Let me know!!!!! I really want to do this so why not join me!!!! I'm starting at the first of the year. January 2019!!!!! I'm so motivated now!!!! THANK YOU FOR THIS!!

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