HIIT For A Flat Stomach | Ali Kamenova Yoga

This class will help you flatten the stomach, strengthen the belly wall and develop deep core energy.
Right now we are going to give attention to particular poses and workout routines that focus on these deep belly muscle groups. I’m selecting a set of considerably unorthodox workout routines that may provide help to make the mind-body connection and thus strengthen them by way of train. Usually occasions individuals do quite a few crunches however as a result of they have not created that mind-body connection they nonetheless have a weak core.
Give attention to isometric contractions; feeling the muscle groups firing up, drawing the stomach button in and squeezing the TVA in in direction of the midline. The workout routines themselves will make establishing this connection simpler. Nice for postpartum mothers. Wait at the least till 6 months postpartum.

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Let’s Circulation with Ease and Power

Get pleasure from this video. I might love to listen to from you.
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31 thoughts on “HIIT For A Flat Stomach | Ali Kamenova Yoga”

  1. Ali I just love these i am now doing more of your HIIT classes, soo great they are challenging but fun and quick, works well with my time at this point, leaves me feeling great. I can also feel a fresh new energy within you 😉

  2. This was my favorite class! Quick, not super advanced but still I got up a good sweat. As always, you have such amazing variation in your classes. So great for post-partum too! Thank you so much, Ali.

  3. FABULOUS, Ali!!! Thank you for the awesome energy awakening….loved the knee cross over almost wild thing crunches! Excellent as usual–first time I really felt the vacuuming sensation, just wish all the dust and dog and kitty hair would come up when I do it!!! hahahah love and blessings to you and your beautiful familia….xoxo

  4. Absolutely love it! It flew in a flash though made me really awake and energized 🤸🏻‍♀️ Thank you ❤️
    P.S. I was so hooked, so I did it twice. Feel even better now 😁

  5. Wow so effective and perfect. You feel your deep abdominals changing while doing it, I started actually feeling my obliques while doing the second round of the pendulum. I have a long way to go with my core strength, which of course is a reflection of internal strength, but this is a great way of working on it from the outside in 😍
    Thank you so much Ali!!

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