Girl to Girl Collection: Female Hygiene Suggestions

Right here is my first video fo the girl to girl collection. Hope you guys take pleasure in!!

1. Way of life – Eat a properly balanced weight loss program guaranteeing that your consuming minimal processed meals and sugar. This additionally consists of wine and yeast drinks comparable to beer. Keep hydrated
2. Put on cotton underwear
three. Keep a wholesome pH.
four. Take a day by day probiotic
5. Keep away from sporting tight garments, underwear
6. Use a delicate unscented cleaning soap to clean the OUTER areas of your vagina. Dr. Bronner’s Castile soaps are nice. There are additionally corporations that sale female hygiene bars comparable to Chocolate Kinky Kurls:
7. Shave as wanted
Eight. Keep in mind to wipe correctly.
– Vaginal Prebiotic Suppositories: phrases=vaginal+probitoics
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31 thoughts on “Girl to Girl Collection: Female Hygiene Suggestions”

  1. Since i had my daughter i get chronic yeast infections she just turned 2 btw i constantly go to the doctor they prescribe generic diflucan but it doesnt work any more and the treatment over the counter isnt solving much either I wish i could throw the whole vagina away

  2. Do you think it’s better to promote something you’ve already used in order to know whether it actually works? Also Castile soap is very alkaline and the vagina is acidic. Castile soap can throw your ph off easily.

  3. I use serenitibathandbodyyou fem cookie soap(pink) aka nookie soap. I have tried a lot of "down there soaps" and love Sereniti's the best. My fav natural deodorant is Sarenzo Scents of Morocco my hubby love this as well it's a unisex natural deodorant. I'm also liking Sarenzo VaVanilla spray deodorant as well. I let my purse air out every night unless my Aunt is visiting😯. I also only wear cotton drawers🙃. Mrs. V my Mom calls them drawers also😂😂, and my Granny also when she was living. I'm going to check into those fem wipes you mentioned. Tfs.

  4. Also, for the Eco friendly ladies there is a a company that sells reusable sanitary cloths. I believe the website is; They actually work. Had I known about them years ago I could have saved a lot of money.

  5. Yesssssssss!!! Good stuff sis, good stuff. I am particular too, keeping pretty kitty healthy is important. With the exception of the pH product and peppermint soap, my routine is pretty much the same. Instead of using peppermint soap ( I used it on my naughty bits years ago and it burned), so I Iuse Dr Bonner's tea tree oil soap or, African Black Soap. I would also encourage women to wash immediately after play time and to have a separate wash cloth for their bum, especially, after a bowel movement. Yes sis, you did this. Good job.

  6. Great series. I love it. May I add that some people are oppose to bathing( sitting in the tub to wash) showering is great , but from time to time I feel like women/ young ladies, especially if you’re sexually active and having a menstrual cycle really should sit in the tub and wash that area, instead of showering only, in which the water is just running over the lady parts. Let it soak sometimes ladies.

  7. Yesss shout out to the Hair!

    Excellent tips on Female hygiene. You did such a Great job with this type of vid.🤗 These things are passed down from Grandma's & Mother's and are to be Treasured and Implemented. Thanks for sharing 😊

  8. Thanks for keeping it real and sharing good tips. I think you were being very mild with your explanations. In my opinion you weren’t graphic enough. Sometimes you have to be brass tacks with people when it comes to getting your point across. I’m glad you mentioned healthy eating because that does play a major role in overall health. Too much sugar in one’s diet can throw off the balance of bacteria down there. Great video though.

  9. I found that Dr. Bronners was too harsh for the "pocketbook" lol!
    Another tip for the married ladies or anyone that dont use condoms, wash immediately after intercourse. Semen raises the PH instantly and if left to sit inside too long, can cause odors.
    I also think sleeping panti-less is good each night. let her get some air after being cooped up in panties all day. I work from home, so I only wear them when leaving the house.
    ladies **No powders or FDH spray. not only is it bad for the PH, its linked to cancer. no scented pads, tampons or anything.

  10. I have used my regular bar soap (unscented) for years (I'm 46). My mom as well (72) and my grandma on mom's side did too, We never had issues. And I get you on the cotton undies, and yes it is important to clean on your menstrual cycle (I am a heavy bleeder)! Totally.

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