Get abs train, six pack – push via abs

Get abs train, six pack – push via abs.
A quite simple train for coaching belly muscle mass. The train requires no tools and developes the higher space of belly muscle mass. Anybody can carry out this train: from novice (newcomers) to skilled sportsmen.

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21 thoughts on “Get abs train, six pack – push via abs”

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  4. Hey guys. Amazing clip.

    My brother was once a flabby. He went from 285lbs of fat into 217 lbs of full-strength lean muscle. We think it is amazing! I just registered myself coz I want to improve my entire body. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)…

  5. first off this: for guys who have bellyfat… DO CARDIO fist like crosstrainer and trackmail. when you belly fat is of then you can start the exercises like that

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  7. @sonuye1 there's a video they have, its doing leg raises while lying down, for more of a challenge do them both legs at the same time and to have even more difficult weight

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