four Workout routines For An Easy Muscle Up

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four workouts I do to be higher at muscle ups.

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48 thoughts on “four Workout routines For An Easy Muscle Up”

  1. Nice video and tips! I've been doing straight bar dips and wide pull ups to help with my muscle ups. I can do 11 straight muscle ups but I want to do 15 by September. I'm gonna try your routine out.

  2. I feel bad for the psople with the regular or inferior genetics im 17 At a round 6-1 and i am very vascular bit only weight around 155-160 my brother is around 5-11 and hasnt worked in like 3 years and his bíceps have barley shrunked about half a inche and hes around 190

  3. Always good content man. Thoughts on getting better/heavier on explosive movements like cleans and snatches to help? I've felt they help immensely. I see the muscle up as an upside down hang snatch. Then once efficient with utilizing hip strength can back off and work on strict

  4. This guy loves himself a lot, at least if he gets a partner that loves him – they'd have something in common. Maybe create a doco called "in love with Terron".

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