Construct an enormous CHEST utilizing solely three tools | Full Exercise defined & High suggestions


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Utilizing solely a Barbell, Dumbbell and body weight.


50 push ups
four units Incline bench press superset Incline db flys – 12reps – three sec tempo

(1set -bench 15 reps (2 sec tempo)

2nd and 3set bench x 12 (three tempo)

4th set bench x 10 (5 tempo)

Pyramid presses (DB) superset DB FLYS TWIST

1st and 2nd set – 12 reps ( 2 sec eccentric with 1-2 sec maintain)

third set x 12 reps (three sec eccentric w 1-2sec maintain)

Ring Press ups x 3sets x 12 reps (2sec tempo)

Shut Grip DB press x 3sets x 12reps (2 sec tempo, 12 sec maintain on the high)

End… decline ground push ups

1st set ( 2sectempo), 2nd set (three sec tempo) , third set (4sec tempo) 4th set( 5sec tempo) fifth set – fast as you’ll be able to until failure

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50 thoughts on “Construct an enormous CHEST utilizing solely three tools | Full Exercise defined & High suggestions”

  1. Hey Obi Vincent, I just heard of you and I am shocked. I was looking for someone to post their workouts with sets, reps, and tempo and you are the only person. Thank you so much, I will be watching all your videos, you're a true inspiration:)

  2. Hey Obi! I have just subscribed to your channel. I would like you to become of my training mentor. They're are others I watch but I do like your methodical approach. I write movie scripts and novel versions and Gospel Pop music, however my body /physical conditioning "sucks bad" I am 56 with a heart filled with dreams that I am actually accomplishing. I know if I transform my physical conditioning there's no limit to what I can achieve as an Artist. I've opened up my own office to write and create those stories and songs that will make me extremely rich, and of course I dream of giving back. However, I realize I MUST AND WILL train my body and my mind so I can achieve all that God has planned for me in this life! Thanks brother for your example of excellence. My YOUTUBE CHANNEL is "COMPOSER RAYMOND HARRISON" I am planning to make my recording better so stay tuned however as I've stated, physical conditioning will cause me to achieve all that I dream of!

  3. This is right up my street. .👍👍👍..especially the rest time…I take 5 steps back..then 5 steps fwd ..then 25 push ups…slow the steps down when the "sweetness" kick in 😂..thanks for this chest vid…Will be following the tips to the letter..👏👏👏

  4. Bruh just started following for about 2wks now..I click your vids and workout to your routine some exercises I have to modify but for the most part starting to see results..I'm hanging in there appreciate 👊🏾

  5. This shit don't work for everybody so stick with what you no so what other people tell you is not always the case everybody got difference ways how to get big and develop arm mass

  6. Great Vid Obi,,,very informative,,wishing you continued success ,,stay focused ,,thanks for sharing all the best ,take care and of those you love cheers Mac

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