Cease Tolerating What You Don't Actually Want or Deserve!

If its long run, in any other case persistence, compassion, love and understanding within the quick time period is vital! πŸ™‚
Observe not tolerating what you do not need by being extraordinarily fussy and cautious with what energies and environments and folks you ALLOW or STAY IN in your life, in addition to how FAST you LEAVE then in the event that they arent awesomely constructive. In any other case, simply study as a lot as attainable from the exhausting classes, in addition to studying THIS lesson; cease tolerating common or crap energies in your life. x Don’t put up with non nice love and appreciation for you.
Say NO awesomely to what doesnt uplift, encourage and elevate you, and nurture your SPIRIT xxx !!!!! Be a GRAND CHOOSER of what you permit to remain, or the place YOU keep. Do away with the junk energies, the poor vibes. The low ones ~ LOVE as a lot as you may, and fairly often love doesnt look loving, it’s equally or extra about honoring your fact and saying no and kicking issues away or getting away from issues/individuals.

Actual LOVE begins all with SELF LOVE, taking care of your self. Being altruistic is so usually about ego attempting to seem or appear saintly or “good” to others. In the long run, being type to others is rewarding so we “selfishly” obtain feeling good or having an excellent self picture/ (ego). Loving can seem sturdy and highly effective; not simply meek, weak or “good”. Cease being good. It is a joke.

BE STRONG!!!!!! Say YES and NO to the fitting issues. Tune into religious fact and love. Burning from inside and emanating outward effortlessly, with out concern or concepts, or approval or identification. ~ Owen Fox

Cease caring what individuals consider you. Of whether or not or not they APPROVE or such as you or not. Cease caring if persons are WATCHING you. Be free, and cease being afraid!!!!! x Do what YOU WANT, with integrity, not what OTHERS need of you. Cease enjoying that silly, life sapping sport. Reside this momentarily.

Reside with out concern of different peoples opinions, approval, like or watching you!!!

Human live in such concern and detachment from their true hearts needs and coronary heart. Reside true please, be true, discuss true and due to this fact have enjoyable, success and pleasure in your coronary heart x

Cease considering or worrying about if persons are watching you or in the event that they approve or in the event that they such as you or what they consider you and you will be 150 billion instances extra free and joyful than you are actually πŸ˜› hahaha πŸ˜€ xx

Say NO, simply. Cease caring what individuals suppose. With integrity, it is that straightforward.

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33 thoughts on “Cease Tolerating What You Don't Actually Want or Deserve!”

  1. You need to start eating meat dude.. You look like complete dogshit. You look like you are 70 years old. Your diet is killing you dude.. Its also affecting your mental health. You are not right in the head dude. You look like you are dying.

  2. Owen greetings to you peaceful brother. I wanted to ask you a question. I have been juicing herb robert, dandelion, nettles, cleavers and plantain with Melissa(lemon balm) and mint.. All daily sometimes twice a day. I feel so many lessons being taught to me by the herb plant kingdom and extended wisdom and I am feeling quite high. I had a pretty clean diet for years including being raw for a couple years and now just steam food, mostly because I am in. A cold humid environment and raw just wasn't the right approach for me. My question is this: is daily juicin of these herbs dangerouse, or are there some things I should watch out for such as symptoms. I do not eat garlic or onions so my system is quite sensitive and I feel my body doing many thigs at once. What is your take on juicing herbs, am I starting to fast, I drink about half gallon of water a day, is that maybe not enough. I would appreciate any input. Thank you.

  3. Thank you Owen. Your message could not have come at a better time. Exactly on the day you posted this I had to end a relationship with someone whom I loved dearly. It was very painful to let go, but seeing your video now confirms that it was the correct choice.

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    Love and blessings, and gratitude and thanksgiving, for the gift and blessing of being alive, and this amazing chance and opportunity to breathe, love, laugh, share, be kind and good, and learn, grow and expand, and create and co-create today. LIFE IS THE GREATEST BLESSING. Thank you life, and thank you each soul for being alive and being apart of this great mystery and beautiful life. Thank you thank you thank you! Namaste, blessings abundant and greatest joy and love and peace to you all. Owen !

  5. Amazing video as usual, they always help me so much it's like your talking directly to me ! The good thing about it is I take it all in (What you say) and I feel I'm getting better in my life daily ! Lots of love to ya Owen πŸ’š
    βœŒπŸ’–πŸŒž Blessings & Love βœŒπŸ’–πŸŒž

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