BRUTAL Shoulder exercise with Dumbbells to construct BIG shoulders | Full Routine Defined | My High Suggestions

this exercise i deliberately put collectively so it may be carried out wherever from dwelling, lodge gyms, industrial gyms and a crossfit field. That is appropriate for ALL health ranges and each women and men.

Right here is the Exercise;

50 DB lateral raises

Seated Arnold Press – four units x 15,12,10, final set is a dropset of four 10/10/10/10
Seated V press four units x 12 reps @ 2-3sec eccentric tempo

four units
Trx Y raises x 15 reps at 3sec eccentric tempo
Incline DB extensive lateral raises x 12 at 2-3sec eccentric tempo

four units
Single arm reverse grip rows x 15,12,12,10 @2sec eccentric and 1 sec maintain on the prime of motion.
Incline bench laterals x 12 @3sec tempo

Triple set x three units @ 2-3sec tempo eccentric on all of them
DB Shut grip press x 12
Db raises L dbraises x 12
Seated entrance raises x 12

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34 thoughts on “BRUTAL Shoulder exercise with Dumbbells to construct BIG shoulders | Full Routine Defined | My High Suggestions”

  1. Hope you guys find the video useful! I had abit if a cold so voice over isnt the best.. lol i apologise for that! Any questions leave a comment and THANK YOU for your constant love and support! 🤘🏾🔥🔥

  2. Hi obi..i just wanna get some advice about shoulder workout. How many set is considered enough for shoulder. Some of my friends say 16set is enough but iam not quite confident what they say. Tq for answering me in advance.

  3. I just found your channel and subbed, great content and presentation. When you have this shoulder routine programmed into your split, how many times per week are you doing this?

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