Brutal ABS & CORE Exercise you have to be doing | Full Routine

These might be accomplished by women and men for a robust core and nice abs. intention for three units and round 12 reps on every train. These might be accomplished as one big set.

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41 thoughts on “Brutal ABS & CORE Exercise you have to be doing | Full Routine”

  1. Grt video! Thx for sharing! 🤗😉 The TRX, weighted cable crunch machine, legs raises w/ wt on incline bench are excellent for core training. 💪🏽🥰 btw…luv ur accents. 🤭☺️

  2. I'm sorry, this guy has an awesome body, but, I think he has done more than these workouts. I think, I truly think, he has taken something to get him hardcore. Hey!! I am not trying to criticize him, just want to know what his secret is beyond the workout.

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