Acquire/Shed extra pounds consuming 'THIS' meals ! (Hindi)

This video tries to inform that there isn’t a recognized tremendous magical meals that would simply aid you shed pounds or acquire weight by itself. It’s the general combination of meals & the whole variety of energy that you simply eat, that has a mixed impact on weight reduction or weight acquire. This video is in Hindi.


9 thoughts on “Acquire/Shed extra pounds consuming 'THIS' meals ! (Hindi)”

  1. सर मेरा नाम राजु है उम्र 33वर्ष है हाइट 5 5पुट7इच है मेरा वजन 83किलो है मेरा डाइट प्लान बताइए प्लीज

  2. Hi sir I'm 44 yrs old weight is 80kg c section 22 sal pehle hua tab se weight 75/80 k bich hi rehta hai can u plz prepare a calorie chart for me that I'll take in ramzan n afterwards plz prepare a diet plan for me I'm veg/nonveg both

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