6 Life Classes From Marcus Aurelius Meditations

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LESSON 1 – zero:54 – “Waste no extra time arguing what an excellent man ought to be. Be one.”

LESSON 2 – 2:04 – “A noble man compares and estimates himself by an concept which is larger than himself; and a imply man, by one decrease than himself. The one produces aspiration; the opposite ambition, which is the best way wherein a vulgar man aspires.”

LESSON three – three:49 – “Our life is what our ideas make it.”

LESSON four – 5:56 – “It’s not loss of life man ought to worry, however he ought to worry by no means starting to dwell.”

LESSON 5 – 7:23 – “The soul turns into dyed with the colour of its ideas.”

LESSON 6 – 9:04 – “The artwork of dwelling is extra like wrestling than dancing, in as far as it stands prepared towards the unintentional and the unexpected, and isn’t apt to fall.”


38 thoughts on “6 Life Classes From Marcus Aurelius Meditations”

  1. Negative feedback means literally the opposite of input that increases output. Nice job trying to come up with a smarter sounding synonym for criticism.

  2. you said you like crtisism more and i think you should put a little more b rolls into videos. Its doubles the work, but makes a better viewer experience overall. Other than that, i really liked the talk. Thanks!

  3. The biggest waste of time in my life wasn’t even writing this comment. It was watching first 20 seconds of the video and skipping everywhere trying to find something interesting or useful. So sad that human potential is wasted for making crap like this

  4. Nothing is truly right or wrong! (unless it is a bounded system) When you say things like 'Hey you gotta do this! Follow your passion and all the things that excite you' that's a great thing to do and that is if it's working for you. But you make it sound like "Following your passion" is a must (like some rule), and this is where I personally feel that I've lost a motivational speaker when they are so objective about things, if your always gonna look for positive change in life without accepting yourself for what you are currently, you will end up feeling dissatisfied anyways.

    PS : This is what I feel personally.

  5. Thank you Alex……lived my whole life like Harry Crumb "I'm my own crumb", Most of it involved dangerous professions, but always worth it ! Marcus Aurelius Meditations is a must-have for young people, I am buying a copy for my teen-age grandson. I wish I had one when I was his age

  6. It's not about happiness, or excitement, or emotional satisfaction, self-determination and control is a rigid process, discipline is not a "fun" thing. Most people in modern society have no goals or are lost, because purpose has to be found, and most people haven't even begun their journey, and secondly, our society is hedonistic, we seek pleasure over other more immediate tasks and responsibilities.

  7. Its not a wrestling match anymore; its a sprint out of a burning theater into a burning lobby out to a burning city block. If you're still alive, congrats; now you get to sprint out of a burning city into what's fast becoming a drought-stricken desert wasteland. Crop yields are crashing and billions of people are unable to even grow sprouts in their kitchen windows, let alone mfg. or reclaim water, and will soon be hit…excuse me how soon I forget…ARE TODAY BEING SLAUGHTERED by multiple attacks of heat waves, crop failures, wild fires, floods, droughts, superstorms, sea level rise, anoxic oceans, lower O2 levels, desertification of the Amazon, U.S. SW, Europe, Africa and multiple nuclear plants catastrophically failing? That'll all be pretty interesting. Meanwhile we're waiting for Mils, Gen X,Y,Z or triple C to fix this little mess. Lemme know how that works out. We're talking about kids who commit suicide if they drop their iPhone, crack the screen, can't afford a duct tape patch and didn't get phone insurance, which is near useless even if you do buy it. Wait; boomers will fix everything. Uh huh. Got weed or at least a cold beer? No beer, no bongs, no bribes, no boomers. Sorry. After 30 plus years of inaction on climate driven extinction today due to ozone depletion driven by methane decomposition rapidly increasing UV levels accelerating near-term extinction means you only have months. There is no need for nuclear war, drought, famine, floods, a blue ice free arctic, methane bombs, heat waves, pesticides, industrial toxins or superstorms spraying toxins everywhere killing us all, along with all life on earth in barely a blink in time, already happening as you read this now. Ironically, we're using natural solar powered UV to sterilize earth, while the unifying rally cry of consumers, economists, politicians, new families, companies and fossil fuel interests is "Go team", and a rising number of youth and disenchanted adults are actively attacking and killing diversity, dividing us all around the world into fearful, hateful groups, and again with great irony, ensuring their own destruction. Predicting sea level rise is simple using a quadratic equation model from a NASA AMES PHYSICIST, and we'll easly see a meter or more by the 2020 election, sending a large number of nuclear facilities into catastrophic failure spraying more ionizing radioactive gas into the atmosphere. Nuclear facilities in Houston's failing to shut down as hurricane Harvey struck were a grave warning to cities near and far on what is ahead as flood and hurricane damage increases. Buy a book, read it, reflect, write a book, forgive an old enemy, get drunk with someone you love then go see the movie. #SorryToBotherYou

  8. Correct me if I am mistaken, but it appears to me that self-reflection and introspection carries a certain degree of retrospective bias and rationalization. How would one go about preventing such "sickness" of the mind?

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