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I understand that some folks don’t love this format of video. “It appears over edited” or “staged” versus the uncooked footage I so typically add. However I needed this to be an expertise for YOU in the identical method it was for ME. Going into this program I used to be TERRIFIED! It had been so lengthy since I dedicated to a wholesome me and I used to be nervous. I did not wish to share a “earlier than” and an “after” with out displaying you the method, my struggles, my successes, and so on. I hope you take pleasure in this angle and I admire you coming together with me on this experience.

21 Day Repair Excessive:

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30 thoughts on “21 Day Repair Excessive Outcomes Video Diary | Health”

  1. I love this video! You don't have to be anything to want improvement. Good for you and thanks for the motivation! I'm in a similar situation and this helped.

  2. This is awesome, thank you for the video. I'm in the last 30 days of 80 day obsession and looking what program to do next. I love Autumn as a trainer and debating about 21 day fix or 21 day fix extreme.

  3. This happens to me too!! People tell me you’re skinny, you don’t need to workout, and whatnot, which is sooo frustrating. I know my body and how it looks like and I KNOW I’m out of shape and gained weight. I don’t need anyone telling me I should be happy with how my body is now if I want to change, the only thing I need is their support and encouragement and being happy for me because I’m trying to fix my mistakes and live a happy healthy life. Also I HATE it when people tell me to try sweets, but when I tell them I cut off sweets, they act offended and keep pestering me to eat it. I respect them by telling them kindly that I don’t eat sweets but they disrespect me by that action of theirs.

  4. Thank you for sharing this video! Your results are inspiring. And I think your workouts look really effective. I even noticed some exercises that I haven't seen anywhere else. Have you considered making workout videos of these exercises that we could follow along? It would be useful for anybody who wants to follow the same exercise routine as you did in those 21 days. If you do decide to make workout videos for us to follow, please make sure to list the equipment that you recommend for us to get in order to do the exercises. It really helps to have the right equipment ready so we can get started without anything holding us back.

  5. amazing inspiration! Congratulations! This really motivates me to be consistent and patient to see the results! My biggest struggle is keeping the food in control 🙁

  6. What stunning progress! But would you PLEASE answer something? I have a very small bust but a somewhat big belly. Should I try this? Because, I've been absolutely terrified about people claiming that bust fat gets reduced faster than belly fat. What do I do? I feel so depressed and nobody answers this anywhere. Please help.

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